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Wondering if cheap All-inclusive family holidays even exist? Well yes, they do. All-inclusive family holidays get a lot of bad rap from people. Some say they are for those who want their kids to be entertained by strangers. Others think they are for alcoholics looking for free beer.

I believe cheap all-inclusive family holidays are the real deal. They create a special time to bond with your family at fantastic resorts, they help you spend quality family time together without breaking the bank and if you are an adventurous family or an adrenaline junkie, you get to spend your money on activities that make your holiday truly special.

The 32 perfect all-inclusive family holidays destinations have been created to help you identify the best destinations to visit during specific school holidays. For example, if you are looking for an epic all-inclusive-family holiday during the April school holidays, click on the destination you wish to visit and read a full adventurous 7-day itinerary for that destination.

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13 Weeks Travel Black Family of 4 on the beach
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32 Perfect Cheap All-Inclusive Family Holidays destinations for every UK School Holiday.

The 32 destinations for all inclusive family package holidays are:

  1. Gran Canaria
  2. Morocco
  3. Oman
  4. Malta
  5. Cyprus
  6. Dubai
  7. Egypt
  8. Mexico
  9. Dominic Republic
  10. Jamaica
  11. The Gambia
  12. Cape Verde
  13. Tunisia
  14. Turkey
  15. Maldives
  16. Barbados
  17. Bahamas
  18. Switzerland
  19. Italy
  20. Hawaii
  21. Algarve
  22. Zanzibar
  23. Corfu
  24. Lanzarote
  25. Benidorm
  26. Bali
  27. Limassol
  28. Romania
  29. Amsterdam
  30. Santorini
  31. Paris
  32. Crete

It is important to know which all-inclusive holiday destinations are best for you to visit during each UK school Holiday period. The UK has 13 Weeks of school holidays all divided up into 1 week in October, 2 weeks in December, 1 week in February, 2 weeks in April, 1 week in May, 6 weeks between July and August.

 Where can I travel to in October? – All-Inclusive Holidays October

The school holidays in October are a week long and that means you can get 7 days all-inclusive holidays to these lovely destinations with fantastic weather.

All-Inclusive Holidays to Gran Canaria

All-Inclusive Holidays to Morocco

All-Inclusive Holidays to Oman

All-Inclusive Holidays to Malta

All-Inclusive Holidays to Cyprus

 All-Inclusive Holidays December

If you are looking to escape the winter and relax on a lovely 14 days all-inclusive holiday during December, these are your best destinations.

All-Inclusive Holidays to Dubai

All-Inclusive Holidays to Egypt

All-Inclusive Holidays to Mexico

All-Inclusive Holidays to the Dominic Republic

All-Inclusive Holidays to Jamaica.

All-Inclusive Holidays to the Gambia.

All-Inclusive Holidays to Cape Verde.

 All-Inclusive Holidays February

The winter will still be raging in the UK and here is why you need to book an all-inclusive holiday to these destinations. If you love Ski Holidays, this is also the time to book one.

All-Inclusive Holidays to Turkey

All-Inclusive Holidays to the Maldives

All-Inclusive Holidays to Barbados

All-Inclusive Holidays to the Bahamas

All-Inclusive Ski Holidays to Switzerland

All-Inclusive Ski Holidays to Italy

All-Inclusive Holidays April

Booking a 14-day all-inclusive holiday is possible during the March to April school holidays. These destinations are superb at ensuring you have a fantastic time.

All-Inclusive Holidays to Hawaii

All-Inclusive Holidays to Algarve

All-Inclusive Holidays to Zanzibar

All-Inclusive Holidays to Corfu

All-Inclusive Holidays to Lanzarote

All-Inclusive Holidays to Benidorm

All-Inclusive Holidays May

This is a favourite time to explore all-inclusive holidays for 7 days. These destinations are always keen to welcome you.

All-Inclusive Holidays to Paphos

All-Inclusive Holidays to Limassol

All-Inclusive Holidays to Bali

All-Inclusive Holidays to Romania

All-Inclusive Holidays to Amsterdam

All-Inclusive Holidays July and August

Although most tourist destinations will be busy during the peak holiday season of July and August. you can still find affordable all-inclusive-family holidays destinations.

All-Inclusive Holidays to Santorini

All-Inclusive Disneyland Paris

All-Inclusive Greek Islands

Deciding if all-inclusive family holidays are right for you.

Your decision for all-inclusive holidays will be personal and subject to timings, goals, and plans. Many of you will agree that going for a cheap family holiday that offers everything is the sort of therapy that you need.  If you are like me, you work to the maximum during term-time, you are juggling full-time 9 – 5 work, side hustles, and kids, then a well-deserved break in form of cheap all-inclusive holidays is exactly what you need.

How do you decide if all-inclusive family holidays are right for you? There are three things to consider.

  1. The timing – When do you want to go on your all-inclusive holiday?
  2. The type of holiday – Deciding on the type of family holiday you wish to take will help you determine if you should go all-inclusive or not. For example, booking an all-inclusive ski holiday will be an excellent choice but an all-inclusive city break might not be the most ideal.
  3. The age of your children – All-inclusive family holidays work best when you can grab ‘kids go free’ all-inclusive holiday bargain but the cost can add up quickly when your kids become teenagers and more independent.

How to book a cheap all-Inclusive family holiday.

Booking your cheap all-inclusive-family holiday is way easier than you might think. This type of holiday cannot be put together using different websites and paying them for various aspects of your holiday. Your best bet is booking your all-inclusive holiday through a travel agent. Alternatively, you can book your all-inclusive holiday with carriers like Jet2holidays and holidays. Your All-inclusive holidays will always be ATOL bonded for your peace of mind.

History of All-Inclusive Holidays.

All-Inclusive Holidays was Gerard Blitz’s innovative idea for an all-inclusive resort with Club Med in 1950. He used army surplus tents in Majorca and straw hut villages in Corfu. Then Club Med opened a ski village in Switzerland. This was all in the ’50s. The popularity of cheap all-inclusive family holidays has grown so much with tour companies like First Choice – (part of Tui group) offering only all-inclusive holidays due to the demand for cheap all-inclusive family holidays. There are concerns about the impact of all-inclusive holidays on local economies but several all-inclusive resorts are adapting deliberate ways whereby the locals benefit from the increase of tourism on its economy. Many luxury family travel companies actually employ the locals directly for tour experiences and guides.

10 Reasons to Book Cheap All-Inclusive Family Holidays

cheap-all-inclusive family holidays Beach and rocks

If you still need convincing into why you should book cheap all-inclusive family holidays, here are 12 fantastic reasons for you to consider booking an all-inclusive-family holiday.

Affordable Luxury

Booking all-inclusive family holidays are great ways to do luxury travel in style but not in the card. This blog is all about encouraging affordable luxury family holidays and an- all-inclusive holiday offers a range of choice on the type of accommodation available. From 5 Stars resorts to cruises. You have the power to choose which all-inclusive-family holiday will meet your financial goals.


All-Inclusive holidays usually come with the bonus of transfers. Saving you valuable time when you have just arrived at your destination. Several bonuses exist depending on the travel agent you have gone with. Some agents will give you the bonus of room upgrades at no charge, room service, late dining and tickets to nearby attractions.


Ease of travel made possible by all-inclusive holidays is amazing. All-Inclusive holidays are easy to book, some all-inclusive holidays come with a payment plan which helps people budget in advance for their holidays.


The facilities are most all-inclusive resorts are second to none. due to the stiff competition in the travel industry, many resorts look for facilities that will make your stay extra special. They pride themselves on the quality of the experience they can create.


With all-inclusive holidays, you have the freedom to choose what you want to do. You will have the freedom to explore the local area and give back to the locals. You can create truly special experiences during an all-inclusive holiday.


All-inclusive resorts are great places to meet and engage with people of like minds. The children also have an opportunity to meet people and form lasting friendships.


Your all-inclusive holiday is protected by law and that means if anything happens before your holiday, for example, if your travel supplier goes bust before or during your holiday, you will get a full refund.


There are several resources about the local area when you stay at all-inclusive resorts.


Your safety is the paramount concern of your travel supplier and they always ensure that you are safe. For additional peace of mind, get travel insurance before you go.


All-Inclusive Holidays definitely provide value. Value is the worth and experiences of your holiday and not just the price you paid.

Final thoughts on Cheap All-Inclusive Family Holidays

All-inclusive family holidays have enabled us as a family to travel for 13 weeks a year, during every school holiday. It is an affordable luxury. By booking an all-inclusive-family holiday, you are creating everlasting memories and experiences that can not be replaced.

I hope you consider booking an all-inclusive-family holiday today.





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36 thoughts on “32 Epic, Cheap All-Inclusive Family Holidays Destinations You need to Visit”

  1. I didn’t realize it was still possible to find good deals for all inclusive holidays during the school holidays! I honestly thought that is when the jack the prices up!

    It is great that you have found a fab way to spend time as a family…and not have to spend crazy money on it all!! 🙂

    • They do jack up the prices for school holidays if booked late. When the holidays are planned in advance and booked through a travel agent, you can get good deals and discounts.

  2. I’d love to take one of these vacations with my family! It sounds like it would be a lot of fun!

  3. I have been on several all inclusive a in Mexico when our kids were younger. Later we went to some adult-only all inclusives. They are definitely ba cheaper way to travel with a family. I did prefer the adult only all-inclusives because I thought the quality of food was higher.

    • I can’t wait to try adults-only all-inclusive holidays. I have a few years to wait though but from the way you described it, it looks like it will be great fun.

  4. Confession time: I’ve never done an all-inclusive. My boyfriend has been trying to convince me to try one and I was almost ready to do it when our travel plans were thwarted. You’ve sold me with some of these reasons though. Mostly just for the value and fully relaxing, don’t have to worry about anything vacation for once

    • Oh wow! you need to try an all-inclusive holiday asap. I’m so glad I could convince you though and the value you get is simply amazing.

  5. This is great! I’m a huge proponent of booking AIs – but never really considered them being available in other countries than the Caribbean. They’re my favourite vacations because they’re so easy!

    • You’re right Sarah, All Inclusive Holidays are so easy to book and yes, they are available in many countries. Check out my post on all-inclusive resorts, it details the top all-inclusive resorts in Africa, Europe and The Middle East.

  6. I’ve never been on one of these, but they sound so fun! I’ve always wanted to go to Santorini.

    • I think you will love an all-inclusive holiday to Santorini. It is one of the best destinations for a relaxed holiday.

  7. Whenever we are travelling I go all for the budget and fun. Going on vacation should not necessarily be expensive.

  8. I love taking my daughter for trips. I surely pray for the pandemic to end, so that we can gget back to exploring

  9. Wow, these are amazing suggestions in planning for a family trip. I like it because it cheap and kids will surely enjoy it.

  10. Wow, this is really great and hopefully we can get at least one. This is gonna be so exciting.

  11. These 10 reasons really convinced me to book an all inclusive family holidays! Especially the safety reason. Thanks for sharing this.

    • I’m so glad that these 10 reasons convinced you to look into all-inclusive holidays. One of the things I look for before booking any holiday is the safety of where I will be staying at.

  12. I’ve tried all inclusive holiday last year and I loved it. My family loved it too. We will do it again for sure!

    • Great, I’m glad many of you agree with me that All-inclusive holidays are provides a great deal for the family.

  13. These sound like some amazing places to head away. I have to admit I would love to go on an all-inclusive and just spend time relaxing.

  14. All inclusive is such a smart idea when traveling with the kids. I do not want to worry about meals when I am on vacation so this is a great idea.

    • I couldn’t agree more. All-Inclusive holidays are smart ideas worth exploring more. The fact that you don’t have to be bothered about meals and sometimes laundry is just amazing.

  15. I am all for cheap trips! These all sound amazing. I hope I can do one someday.

  16. I love all inclusive cruises and things like that. We also took an all inclusive trip to Cancun a few years ago that was really nice!


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