About 13 weeks Travel

Hello, I’m Bolupé. I created 13 Weeks Travel as a channel to document my love for travelling and quest to achieve new perspectives. My travels happen during the 13 weeks of school holidays in England, UK.

The school holidays in England, UK are scheduled as:

1 week in February

2 weeks in March / April

1 week in May / June

6 weeks in July / August

1 week in October

2 weeks in December

Travelling is more than a lifestyle for me. It is my way of life. I have visited 52 cities in 12 countries so far and I have absolutely loved gaining new perspectives into the culture and architecture of different locations in our beautiful world. In every city I visit, I throw myself at every adventure available. I have jet skied in the 4 of the 7 Seas and Ocean as well as Quad biked as high on the mountains and down in the rivers in 7 countries. I love the adrenaline pumping activities in theme parks and would scream out loud on them.

13 Weeks Travel will provide guides and detailed experiences of locations visited at specific holiday time. I hope that you will find the site useful in successfully encouraging you to travel during the 13 weeks of school holidays and inspire you to engage in adventures.

When do you want to travel ?


March/ April





Please say hi when you stop by here. I love hearing from you.

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