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Here is a snapshot of the services we offer at 13 Weeks Travel.


Theme Parks

Price: £750pp


Beach Holidays

Price: £1550pp



Price: £550pp



Price: £450pp


Safari Adventure

Price: £850pp


Beach Holidays

Price: £850pp



Price: £1,250pp



Price: £750pp

We Curate Destination Celebrations

30th Birthday

Start your 30’s in style

Price: £500pp

40th Birthday

Life begins at 40

Price: £700pp

50th Birthday 

Luxury Living

Price: £850pp

60th Birthday

Diamond Living

Price: £850pp

Bachelor and Bachelorette parties.

Spoil the groom and bride to be with our fantastic destination celebration package. 

Price: £500pp

Family Reunions

Turn family Reunions into a tradition worth celebrating.

Price: £700pp

Wellness Retreat

Reconnect with your tribe and hang-out with those who lift you up.

Price: £850pp

Corporate Trips

Hangout with your colleagues for short team building trips.

Price: £850pp

We sell Flight Tickets


Return Flight Tickets

Prices from:  £550pp


Return Flight Tickets

Prices from: £400pp


Return Flight Tickets

Prices From: £600pp


Return Flight Tickets

Prices from £550pp


Return Flight Tickets

Prices from £450pp


Return Flights Tickets

Prices from £450pp


Return Flights Tickets

Prices From: £600pp


Return Flight Tickets

Prices From: £550pp

Let's make your travel dreams a reality.

Travelling with Kids?

Infants 0 -2 years | 13 Weeks Travel | Family Luxury Travel


Ages 0 – 2

Luxury Experiences

Little Kids

Ages 3 – 6

Big Kids | 7 - 9 Years | 13 Weeks Travel

Big Kids

Ages 7 – 9 

Tweens 10 12 Years   13 Weeks Travel


Ages 10 – 12

Teenagers 13 17 Years   13 Weeks Travel 1024x576 1


Ages 13 – 17

Take a peek inside our popular family experiences
Best Turkey Holiday Destinations | colourful Hot air ballon over fairy chinmeys in Cappadocia

Luxury Escape to Turkey

Experience the magical balloons

Luxury Family Holidays Dubai

Luxury Family Holidays to Dubai

Stay at Atlantis, the palm

Colourful Spice Market | Luxury Experiences

Luxury Family Holidays to Morocco

Stay at a riad, explore atlas mountain

Kenya Africa Safari | Lake Nakuru National Park

Luxury Escape to Kenya

Safari and natural world

best Family luxury destinations


Join our Luxury Escape to Dubai


Experience Turkey with us with good food, culture and history


Explore All-inclusive holidays to Greece 


See more of this North African culture.


Indulge in the luxury African Scenery on your Safari with us.


Beach holidays are extra funw with us.


Thank you so much for the luxury experience to Algarve. It was exactly what my family needed. – Victoria

Thank you for your timely service. Your flight ticket to Nigeria was the best value after we spent hours searching the internet for tickets. – Titi.

My husband’s 40th birthday celebration in Berlin was a success. Thanks to you for making him feel on top of the world. – Wande

we make travel dreams a reality.

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bolupe maborukoje

Founder and CEO

A school trip to Cotonou, Benin, Lome, Togo and Accra, Ghana at the age of 11 inspired my travel dreams. It was transformative interacting with the locals and feeling the urge to help out in little ways.

My love for travelling and discovering the beauty of the world continued during my career as an Architect in the construction world.  

Travelling as an Architect gave me the urge to give back to my community.  As a result, I  became a fully qualified teacher in the UK.

My love for travelling didn’t go away as a teacher, I continued to travel every school holiday which in total is 13 Weeks in the UK hence the name of my brand – 13 Week Travel.

13 Weeks Travel’s mission is to champion Family Luxury Travel, create memories that you will cherish forever and become the leading retailer of affordable flight tickets to long-haul destinations.

Bolupe | Founder ~@13 Weeks Travel

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