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I’m Bolupe, an architect turned educator and writer.

13 Weeks Travel is for those who crave quality family time.
My Mantra

‘Creating new perspectives’

We all see things from the perspectives we look from.  The purpose of my site is to help you see luxury family travel from a different perspective. A new light.

Perspective is a tool from which we can see life, situations, problems and people from, this is especially true when travelling to new destinations.

13 Weeks Travel is dedicated to creating experiences that will ignite new perspectives on places travelled to.

13 Weeks Travel will focus on luxury family travel holidays because you all deserve the best!


Become your family's travel hero and turn your family's holidays into fun, quality time together.

I share my passion for luxury family travel and how I travel 13 weeks a year with a full time 9 – 5 job and 3 children.

I write about the best family holiday destinations I have personally visited with my family and give you the best travel tips to inspire you to book your travel with me. 

I share insights into my three favourite continents – Africa, Europe and the Middle East. I also provide unbiased reviews on hotels, flights, car rentals and travel products.

I hope my site provides all the information you require to become your family’s travel hero and turn your family travel worries into fun quality time.

Become your family's travel hero and turn your family's holidays into fun, quality time together.

What is 13 Weeks Travel ?

13 Weeks Travel is a brand that encompasses three main aspects: travel agency, travel blog and a travel forum.

Every Family Craves a Quality Family Time.

Happy relationships make life joyful, a quality family time offers families a chance to help children develop great relationship skills and prepare them for life.

13 Weeks Travels was created with you in mind. We will help you create that  quality family time by saving you time and tantrums on your travels right from the planning stage.

13 Weeks Travel knows that planning a family holiday can feel both exciting but often more overwhelming with the amount of fancy pictures out there on social media.

When it comes to the actual logistics, 13 Weeks Travel have perfected the holiday planning process. We have broken down each step of the planning to help you tackle your travel worries in a practical and down to earth way. Become your family’s school holiday hero and start planning your next family holiday getaway here.

Family oriented

I have a heart for families:

Call me old-school but I love families. I believe in families. I know no man is an island and I truly want to see families succeed. That’s why I’m in the business of nurturing family bonding through travelling.

13 Weeks Travels understands the benefits of opening your family to a whole new world of travelling and we are here to help you.

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A guide to the Top 5 affordable luxury destinations for families to visit during school holidays broken down into where, which hotel, when to go and the cost per person.

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A guide to trying Business class with your family to Africa and the Middle East.

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13 Weeks Travel is an independent travel agent with InteleTravel UK. We are based in Cambridge, Uk and I can help you plan and book any type of holiday, however, I specialise in Europe, Africa and the Middle East travels. If you are planning a trip to any of these destinations, I will be able to find exactly what you're looking for and help you maximise your time and money.

Get the best price for your travels.


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