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Transform your travel passion into
the ultimate side-hustle.
Transform your travel passion into
being your own boss.
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Transform your travel passion into
your ideal lifestyle.
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Your dream Travel Job

We are on a mission to empower 1,000 ladies to become travel agents.

Become an agent in 3 simple steps


Submit your form so that we can train you to become a travel agent with us.


Once your training is over, sign up for our subscription plan.


Once qualified, go from travel dreamer to a professional travel planner.

Everything you need to succeed in your business

From Getting Your First customer

We will show you how to get your first customer and scale your travel business.

To Turning to your community

Your community is more powerful than you think. With our support, social assets and content, you will look like a branding genius from day one.

and getting Secure and superfast payments

We get you paid ASAP. Unlike the rest of the industry, we’ll send your commissions within five days of your client checking out of a hotel.

The most diverse and professional community

An app to connect with travel experts & agents

Get access to our community app to connect with fellow agents, celebrate wins, share tips and offer live trip-planning support for any destination.

Superb Training and Coaching

Enjoy team coaching from industry experts. Our training will give you an edge and make you go from zero to pro in a month.


Our relationships and our partners

We have amazing relationships with top luxury brands around the world. You will enjoy perks and upgrades at the drop of our name.


Are you .......

an Aspiring travel influencer?

Are you waiting for partnership with hotels when you can be going on FAM trips? These are some of the perks you’ll enjoy as a 13 Weeks Travel Agent. 

The Go to person for travel tips?

Turn your skills into meaningful revenue and earn by planning and booking travel.

an experienced Travel Agent

Come join us and use your experience to horn your income further.

Launch Your business As a Travel Agent

As a side hustle

Test before you take the leap. You can test the waters of the travel industry before you take the plunge. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you.

As a Career Change

Do you feel struck in your career and looking for a change? If you are passionate about travelling, then this could be the career change you have been looking for.

As a work from anywhere business

Some travel agents work in an office, but 13 Weeks Travel Agents can work from anywhere (yes, anywhere!). All you need is passion for travel, a WiFi connection and a can-do attitude – and a few potential clients in your community.


A 13 Weeks Travel Agent is someone ready to serve her community and aligns with our mission of transforming the travel industry.

Our agents earn by selling, planning and booking trips. They speak the language of their clients and understand their travel needs.  They handle all the travel arrangements – including destination celebrations, couples getaway, solo trips, group trips, quick flight to Nigeria, South Africa or New York and everything in between. 

A 13 Weeks Travel Agent has access to all our training resources, including cutting-edge Sabre technology and  over 25 years of travel expertises. 

  • Travel Agents earn commissions from their clients’ trips – usually from hotel bookings. Travel suppliers commonly pay the agent 10% of the total cost. Unlike other agencies,  13 WEEKS TRAVEL agents receive their commission upon the completion of their client’s trip.

You have the ability to meet your money goals. It’s all about the diligence and consistency you put into your business. The truth is, you will also know someone travelling. Tap into your community and help them travel smarter while earning whatever figure you set your mind to earn.


We charge our agents a quarterly subscription fee, which includes the cost of our Sabre technology platform, our Trust account, training, admin and our community app. This fee is a fraction of our own technology costs and what other agencies charge as signup fees (up to £5,000 for training alone). 

Sign up! We’ll get in touch with you ASAP about next steps, including having you complete a detailed survey on your travel style and experience.

If you meet our criteria, we’ll get you onboarded and show you the ropes, so you can start booking travel in no time.


This is your opportunity to serve your community through travel. Let’s make travel accessible to everyone in your community! 

Be the light bearer!

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Become a Travel Agent with 13 Weeks Travel.