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How do you feel about booking your travels with the best luxury family travel companies? If you ask me, I will say booking your travels through luxury family travel companies is the best start to an amazing holiday. Why? Luxury travel planning and execution is the bread and butter of these luxury travel companies?  Luxury family travel companies have perfected the art of bespoke travelling so if you are looking to get the best value for your money, I recommend going with the best luxury family travel companies. They are the experts, the leaders in their field with the experience to pull off your demands and satisfy your needs.

The art of luxury family travel is not new, but these luxury family travel companies are adding innovative, responsible and creative ways to family travel in style and they give the best to ensure your family holiday kicks off in the right direction. Luxury family travel companies have the heart of luxury experiences at heart and this post shares the 20 best luxury travel companies you need to book your travels with.

20 Best Luxury Family Travel Companies
Luxury Family Travel companies will go the extra mile for to ensure you stay at the best accommodation around the world.

Where do you find the best luxury family travel companies?

I have made searching the internet for luxury family travel companies easier for you. Yes, the internet has several online travel companies, but not all travel companies are created equal. You really don’t want to be making your own arrangements, not only will you be wasting your time and money but you might not have the expertise and insider knowledge to make your travels run as smoothly as it should run. Luxury family travel companies will go above and beyond for you with personalised service. Do you want a multi-generational trip? Do you want to hire a yacht and cruise the Mediterranean sea? Are you for the best multi-country family travel, perhaps for the summer holidays? When you plan and book your travels with luxury family travel companies, you will buy travels that make you richer.

The best luxury family travel companies
Burj Al Arab luxury hotel

 List of the best 20 Luxury Family Travel Companies


  1. Abercrombie & Kent
  2. Audley Travel
  3. Bad Tomato
  4. British Airways Holidays
  5. Canopy & Stars
  6. Classic Collection
  7. Club Med
  8. Cox and Kings
  9. Exoticca
  10. Exodus
  11. Intrepid Travel
  12. Secret Escapes
  13. Scott Dunn
  14. Mr & Mrs Smith & Family
  15. Sunsail
  16. Sovereign Luxury Travel
  17. Tui
  18. Trailfinders
  19. The Ultimate Travel Company
  20. Virgin Holiday
  21. 13 Weeks Travel

What does the Luxury Family Travel Companies offer?

Best Luxury Family Travel companies@ 13 Weeks Travel
Luxury Travel Companies creates mind-blowing experiences.

The Luxury family travel companies on this list offer a variety of service and options. You could hire an exclusive yacht and sail across Croatia or the Mediterranean or go on a bespoke safari holiday without lifting your fingers. You could head off on a Ski holiday without worrying about childcare or enjoy a ‘kid go free’ holiday with interconnecting rooms.

I have organised my list in an alphabetically order to show fairness and the unique strength each luxury family travel company has to offer you and your nearest and dearest family.

Luxury Family Travel Company #1. Abercrombie & Kent

Abercrombie & Kent offers a tailor-made bucket list ticked, responsible travel experience for families of all ages. With knowledgeable staff, expert local guides and accommodation, you are in for a treat with Abercrombie & Kent. If you’re worried about airport queues, transfers and stress, Abercrombie & Kent provides a guide through the airport with ease.

Cost: from £2,000 per person

Best For:

  • Exceptional bucket list trips for families.
  • Off-the-beaten trips with smart-looking local guides.
  • Dedicated staff for children.

Worst For:

  • Budget Travellers.

Luxury Family Travel Company #2. Audley Travel

Audley Travel is one of the largest operators with tailor-made services for judicious travellers.  They cover over 80 destinations and provide several holiday ideas. If you are looking for a beach holiday, a safari holiday, cultural holiday, luxury train holiday and self-drive holiday, they have got you covered. if you want to take your holiday from good to outstanding, Audley Travel is the luxury family travel company to talk to.

Cost: from £2,000 per person

Best for:

  • Serving a huge selection of destinations with servings in over 80 countries.
  • Handpicked option for all age groups from babies to teenagers.
  • Well-travelled families seeking cultural experiences in style

Worst for:

  • D-I-Y Travel planners

Luxury Family Travel Company #3. Bad Tomato

Bad Tomato is a genuine leader in luxury family travel. They provide top-notch services from bespoke holiday arrangements starting from their highly commendable consultation to the ultimate product. There is a sheer demand for excellence across the board. If you’re looking for a trip of a lifetime, book your travels with Bad Tomato.

Cost: from £2,000 per person

Best for:

  • Family Ski holidays with carefully selected locals
  • ‘On the road’ family travel experience
  • Africa’s best safari holiday

Worst for:

  • D-I-Y Travel enthusiasts

Luxury Family Travel Company #4. British Airways Holidays

The Brand British Airways is renowned for its holidays to various destinations in North America, Europe, the Caribbean, and the Indian Ocean. They are fantastic for a low deposit, staggered payments and the best part of a British Airways Holiday is that you earn points for miles and hotel stays that you can use again for more travelling.

Cost: from £300 per person

Best for:

  • D-I-Y School holidays travel enthusiast
  • All-inclusive options
  • Kids club

Worst for:

  • Bespoke local guide and itinerary

Luxury Family Travel Company #5. Canopy and Stars

Canopy and Stars are for lovers of responsible travel with over 500 treehouses, cabins and yurts. They are great for quirky nature lovers, providing rustic charm and home comforts,  a step above camping. They provide a luxury glamping holiday for outdoor lovers for the UK and European breaks in areas of outstanding beauty.

Cost: from £50 per night

Best For:

  • Families of all ages, including babies.
  • Eco-friendly travellers
  • Affordable luxury travellers

Worst for:

  • City break lovers

Luxury Family Travel Company #6. Classic Collection

Cost: from £1,000 per person

Best For:

  • Private Transfers.
  • Hand-picked 4 and 5-star luxury hotels
  • Family villas and Family owned hotels
  • All-inclusive Caribbean resorts
  • Unique babysitting services and complimentary Bubblebum inflatable booster seat.

Worst for:

  • Sea and sailing lovers.

Luxury Family Travel Company #7. Club Med

Cost: from £600 per person

Best for:

  • Responsible travel lovers
  • Premium All-inclusive holidays with destinations around the world.
  • Well trained staff with engaging staff for younger children.
  • Variety of activities available at resorts
  • Interconnecting rooms for families.

Worst for:

  • D-I-Y Travel Planners

Luxury Family Travel Company #8. Cox and Kings

Cost: from £1,800 per person

Best for:

  • Curious and adventurous families
  • Airport meet and greet
  • Handpicked local guides
  • private vehicle hire option
  • self-drive options
  • Family Safari in Tanzania

Worst for:

  • Families who love resort pools only.

Luxury Family Travel Company #9. Exoticca

Cost: from £600 per person

Best for:

  • Africa adventures
  • Extended families, single parents and multi-generational travel
  • Strong responsible travel
  • Cultural and adventure-loving family.
  • Family Loyalty scheme

Worst for:

  • Group family travel snubs.

Luxury Family Travel Company #10. Exodus

Cost: from £800 per person

Best for:

  • Family adventure lovers
  • Extended families and multi-generational travel
  • Group travel experience
  • Option for private adventure option.
  • Local experts tour leaders
  • Wildlife Safari breaks

Worst for:

  • Laid-back families.

Luxury Family Travel Company #11. Intrepid

Cost: from £1,200 per person

Best for:

  • Expert, personalised service
  • High street locations for detailed face to face conversations.
  • Handpicked hotels in over 90 countries
  • Expert in Caribbean and Indian Ocean vacations
  • Different holiday ideas from Family Safaris to all-inclusive beach resorts.
  • Kids club

Worst for:

  • Tight budgets

Luxury Family Travel Company #12. Secret Escapes

Cost: from £1,800 per person

Best for:

  • DIY School holidays travel enthusiast
  • All-inclusive options
  • Kids club
  • Last-minute deals

Worst for:

  • lack of bespoke local guide and itinerary

Luxury Family Travel Company #13. Scott Dunn

Cost: from £1,200 per person

Best for:

  • Tailor-made breaks and family Safaris to Kenya
  • Private nannies and activity clubs for children from 4 months.
  • Beach and Ski resorts around Europe
  • Strong local partnership.

Worst for:

  • Cheap package holiday deal seekers.

Luxury Family Travel Company #14. Mr & Mrs Smith & Family

Cost: from £150 per night

Best for:

  • Trusted properties chosen by parents
  • Child care provision
  • Great attention to details
  • Kids go free for under 12 years

Worst for:

  • Chain hotel fans and points collectors.

Luxury Family Travel Company #15. Sunsail

Cost: from £800 for a family of 4

Best for:

  • Tailor-made sailing holidays and sailing courses
  • Dedicated kids activity coordinator
  • Families with older children

Worst for:

  • Sea-sickness sufferers

Luxury Family Travel Company #16. Sovereign Luxury Travel

Cost: from £1,200 per person

Best for:

  • Bespoke local guide and Itinerary
  • All-inclusive options
  • Kids club

Worst for:

  • Budget Travellers

Luxury Family Travel Company #17. Tui

Cost: from £300 per person

Best for:

  • Best for a mid-range budget
  • Family deals
  • All-inclusive options across a huge collection of hotels
  • Multi-generational groups
  • Cruises

Worst for:

  • An exclusive retreat for family travellers
  • Bespoke service – there is none.

Luxury Family Travel Company #18. Trailfinders

Cost: from £800 per person

Best for:

  • Long haul travellers
  • Reasonable prices
  • Dedicated Specialist
  • Great global reach
  • Cruises
  • Small family group travel
  • Australia
  • No credit card charges

Worst for:

  • Online travel buyers
  • D-I-Y Travel enthusiasts

Luxury Family Travel Company #19. The Ultimate Travel Company

Cost: from £800 per person

Best for:

  • DIY School holidays travel enthusiast
  • Bespoke local guide
  • Unique itinerary
  • All-inclusive options
  • Kids club

Worst for:

  • Budget Travellers

Luxury Family Travel Company #20. Virgin Holiday

Cost: from £600 per person

Best for:

  • Disney holidays
  • Unique destinations like Cuba, Mexico
  • Theme Park Holidays
  • All-inclusive options
  • Great Customer service
  • Concierge Service for a local attraction
  • Kids club

Worst for:

  • Off – the – beaten path escapes

Luxury Family Travel Company #21. 13 Weeks Travel

13 Weeks Travel is the newest kid on the block in the luxury family travel company space. 13 Weeks Travel offers bespoke, tailor-made adventure holidays for young professionals and their families in three continents – Africa, Europe and the Middle East. 13 Weeks Travel is changing the meaning of luxury travel and believes luxury travel should be accessible to everyone regardless of race.

Cost: from £500 per person

Best for:

  • Professionals who want to make the most of their vacations.
  • Young families seeking escape from the norm during school holidays.
  • All-inclusive options.
  • African Safari with local experts.
  • Responsible travellers
  • Off-the-beaten-path adventure seekers

Worst for:

  • Laid-back travellers

In summary, these luxury family travel companies offer the best of experiences in unique ways. Check out the summary cards which shows the biggest strengths:

Summary Cards:


Best Luxury Family Travel Companies
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Best Luxury Family Travel Companies
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Questions to Ask Luxury Family Travel companies About Your Destination

Your luxury family travel company should be happy to answer any questions about your travels if you are in doubts about what you can ask them, I have a table here to help you ask destination specific questions.

Read my post on Travel Health Tips and Common Family Travel Scams and how to avoid them to help you further with your discussions with luxury travel family travel companies.

Health Questions:

Safety Questions:

  • Is there a high risk of food poisoning or water contamination?
  • Is there a travel advisory?
  • Is there a high risk of malaria or other diseases?
  • Have there been negative stories in the news lately?
  • What is medical care like?
  • Is there a reputation for pick-pocketing, bag snatching, and other petty theft?
  • How close is the nearest hospital or emergency health facility?
  • Is there a reputation for violent crime?
  • Does your domestic health plan cover you abroad?
  • Is there a high risk of being scammed by a tour company, taxi driver, etc.?
  • Will it be difficult to find a doctor who speaks English?
  • Is there a high risk of a natural disaster?

How Luxury Family Travel Companies can help you

1. Research: If you find researching for a holiday a little overwhelming then, your best bets are luxury family travel companies vast with the experience, the industry know-how and expertise to find the deals for your preferred destination. The best luxury family travel companies will provide tailor-made holiday experiences regardless of your demands. The selection of their local tour partners is rigour, meaning they only provide the very best, exclusive holiday for you.

2. Road Trips: Are you dreaming of a fantastic road trip, perhaps from Egypt to South Africa? While you can spend months planning and calculating your budget, a luxury family travel company have local partners on the ground and with a click and a few calls, they can make your road trip dream come true. They will turn your very stressful road trip to a less daunting experience. I call road trips an exclusive private jet experience on the road. Why? With road trips, you will avoid the crowds at the airport and the stress of air travel and because you will go at your pace, you can stop as many times as you wish.

3. Trains: Do you have a plan for rail travels? Luxury Family travel companies like Audrey Travel provides the most practical train travel itinerary ever. You might wish to go on a luxury train travel, again these companies pride themselves on excellent responsible and sustainable travel companies and they will provide a fantastic interconnecting network route for your pleasure.

4. Last-minute changes: You have booked your travels and you need to make last-minute changes. While you can spend days calling and cajoling your online travel websites and risk losing your money,  luxury family travel companies are specialist in this area because they provide bespoke services to serve you.

5. Fee-free and flexible payment: In contrast to the misconception that luxury family travel companies are expensive, most luxury family travel company rely on commissions paid by suppliers as a result, you only pay for your actual holiday. There is also a flexible payment arrangement where you get to spread the cost of your travels across a period.

20 Best Travel Tips from Luxury Family Travel Companies

The best thing about using luxury family travel companies is, they give you the best travel tips to help you skip the process and travel like a pro with your family. I have compiled a list of 20 best travel tips from luxury travel companies to help you become your family’s holiday heroes.

  1. Always pack a towel.
  2. Pack light.
  3. Take a thin, cotton towel used in Turkish Hamams, double it as a sarong, use it as a head covering or a beach picnic mat.
  4. Wear compression socks for long haul flights to avoid DVT
  5. Get backpacks for adults and children.
  6. Use points.
  7. Take a hidden credit card.
  8. Carry emergency cash.
  9. Set a daily debit card alert.
  10. Use anti-theft bags and locks.
  11. Take a flashlight.
  12. Visit luxury restaurants in the afternoon
  13. Observe the locals – use body language
  14. Smile all the time.
  15. Don’t haggle for cheap souvenirs.
  16. Carry a basic first-aid kit.
  17. Take a water bottle.
  18. Always have travel insurance.
  19. use hotel information centres.
  20. Take your manners with you.

Luxury Family Travel Companies: Final thoughts

This post covers luxury travel companies and what they offer and why they are the best for your bespoke travel experience. Even though we can’t travel now, we can plan our travels with these luxury family travel companies when we can all travel again.

Have you used a Family Travel Company before?

Did they offer value for money or did you think you could have done a better job yourself?

I’ll love to hear your experiences in the comments.

20 Best Luxury Family Travel cCompanies
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