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Instagram is one of the biggest markets in the social media world. The monthly search volume on the word Instagram is about 23, 188, 269, the monthly visit to Instagram is about 1 billion, and there are about 500 million active users a day.  If you’re not on Instagram, you are missing out. This is a guide on how to earn money on Instagram as a Travel blogger.

This guide is best suited for new travel bloggers, beginners to Instagram and anyone who wants to diversify their income streams and add Instagram to their income portfolio.

I have previously written about what a travel blogger is paid and how to make money as a travel blogger but I  decided to write this post on how to make money as an Instagram travel blogger because of the immense opportunity out there regardless of your followers count.

How to earn on Instagram as a Travel Blogger

What is Travel Blogging?

Travel blogging is about writing and sharing informative posts about destinations visited, tours done, experiences gained, the possible scams encountered, the people and the culture. Travel blogging is a personal record and experience with a huge potential to influence, encourage and inspire readers from all over the world to do the same.

Anyone with a passion for travelling can start a travel blog however to be successful at travel blogging, you need the right tools.

Tools for a Blog

  1. A free domain and an affordable hosting platform. I recommend!  The package offered by iPage includes iPage Web Hosting. Free Domain Registration, Free Setup, Free Support — All risk-free!image 9264239 10713140
  2. Grammarly is the world’s best grammar checker, great for writing travel stories and for keeping the interests of your readers.  Grammarly’s Free Grammar Checker. Helps corrects all grammar errors and check for plagiarism, it is free and instant.
  3. An email marketing tool. You need to capture your audience from the beginning of your blogging journey. Figuring out the best email marketing tool can be daunting especially because they often similar services. You need to create newsletters weekly or bi-weekly.

How to Earn Money on Instagram as a Travel Blogger – 3 Best Ways

How to Earn Money on Instagram as a Travel Blogger.

There are 3 best ways to earn money on Instagram even with a small following. They are

    1. Affiliate Marketing
    2. Sponsored Posts
    3. Photos

How to Earn Money on Instagram as a Travel Blogger through Affiliate Marketing

In order to use Affiliate Marketing as a way to earn money on Instagram, you need to sign up for an affiliate network. Go with Awin, they have a range of products you are already using and you will be happy to recommend to your audience.

Here are the steps to make money through Affiliate Marketing on Instagram:

Step 1: Find the product

Find an affiliate product you want to focus on every week that has a good commission for leads and sales. For example, if you decide to promote Fiverr to your audience, you need to calculate how many leads and sales you want to make. I always suggest 10 sales a week as a minimum. With a £25 commission per sale, you will make £250 a week for 10 sales. If you repeat the process, you will easily make £1,000 a month.

Step 2: Use Instagram Stories, Reels and Live

Use Instagram Live, Reels and stories to engage with your audience.

Here is a weekly schedule to help you get a minimum of 10 converts a week.

Monday: Use Instagram stories to welcome your audience into the week. Talk about your goals for the week. For example, my goal is always to help people like you to succeed through …. insert the affiliate product you’re promoting that week.

Tuesday: Create an Instagram Reel to talk about how that affiliate product is helping you to be more efficient.

Wednesday: Use your Instagram stories to announce your upcoming Instagram Live where you will show your audience how to succeed using that affiliate product.

Thursday: Use your Instagram stories to remind everyone about your Instagram Live on that day. (Study when your audience are most active and host an Instagram Live on the day they are most active)

Friday: Send a friendly thank you for attending my Instagram Live and direct them to your link.

Saturday: Use your Instagram stories to promote your affiliate product again and ask them to DM you if they want to know more.

Sunday: Follow through with those interested and offer a free service, for example, you can offer to recommend a service you have used through your affiliate product.

Repeat the process every week, sit back and enjoy your commissions.

Step 3: Find the right audience through hashtags.

You might be wondering how on earth will you find 10 people a week especially if your followers are your friends and families with absolutely no interest in what you are promoting.

The truth is you have to find the right audience for your niche. Type in the hashtags specific to your niche and the specific location you are targeting.

Also, spend about 30 minutes a day going through the profile of your ideal clients – travel bloggers. You will need to engage with them, you could like 5 of their most recent posts, add comments to the relevant posts,  follow them (most of them follow back), direct message them to check out your stories or your upcoming Live and start a conversation with them.

On Instagram, if you are in the same niche, you can build up conversations easily. You can ask a genuine question, in my case, I always ask for the best tips to a particular destination I see on their page.

Always use hashtags on your stories, reels, posts and IGTV.

How to Earn Money on Instagram as a Travel Blogger through Sponsored Posts

To earn money through sponsored posts, you will need a good engagement rate as well as a visually pleasing profile.

Many small businesses are happy to partner with you for sponsored posts if you have a good following count and a great engagement rate.

How to Earn Money on Instagram as a Travel Blogger through Travel photos

You can sell your Travel photos by using Instagram as your referring site to your website where you can sell your prints.

You can also sell your travel photos on Esty.

I hope you find this post useful.

If you have questions about Instagram, please put them in the comments below and I will try my best to answer your questions.


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40 thoughts on “How to earn money on Instagram as a Travel Blogger”

  1. Wow – what a revelation ? Thanks for sharing Bolupe.

    I was already aware of at least one way of monetising Instagram seeing as my wife uses it for promoting her fashion accessories. I just didn’t know you could use it for affiliate marketing in the way you’ve set out.

    Will definitely be giving it a shot in the near future.


    • Hi Megan,
      I am glad you found this helpful. It is great to set up your blogging business the right way from the start. If you need any help, drop me a DM on Instagram.

  2. I just started affiliate marketing a few months ago, so this was a great read! Very informative!!

    • Fantastic, I hope you are getting what you expect from it if not, I can show you how to leverage Affiliate Marketing the right way.

  3. I’m glad I took the time to read your post! I’ve never thought of diving into affiliate marketing like that on IG. I’d love to check out Awin!

  4. I like how you laid out the steps to promote a product on Instagram. I would be interested in trying that out, even if I am not earning any money with it, but just to see how the interaction goes. How do you calculate your engagement rate? Do you have a preferred method for calculating it or do use a website to do it for you?

    • I normally calculate my engagement rate by checking the number of people that made sales. That’s what important to me. Also, the smaller the audience, the bigger the trust and follow-throughs.

  5. This is such a useful guide for people that are new to Instagram marketing. I know I struggled to understand how to monetise Instagram when I first started out and wish I’d found a guide like this.

    • Thank you. It can be a mystery to know where to start and how to monetise your platform with under 5k followers. That’s why I wrote this to help people.

  6. Some great tips there, from reels to live stories to posts for affiliates, there is a whole lot of options out there. I think the key is to gain more followers in order to build more traction with brands! Plus having a public profile is key, for the longest time I had a private one which wasn’t helping!

    • Absolutely, it is important to have an Instagram business page which will be public and of course if you wish, you can have another page for private stuff.

    • I’m so pleased you found this article about making money on Instagram useful. Feel free to contact me for further guidance if you need it.

  7. So far for me the best way of making money has been through sponsored posts – but it’s difficult to find companies who will pay you!

    • Sponsored posts work well for established bloggers, however, Affiliate marketing works for both new and established bloggers as long as they know-how.

  8. Bolupe, I love these tips, especially the one about selling your travel photos. I always end up with hundreds of unused pics each day when I travel, and finding a way to use them would be great. I also didn’t know people were selling photos on Etsy! Instagram is so visual that it could be a great way to drive people to an Etsy shop. Great ideas!

    • Absolutely, we all end up with loads of pictures that many people are looking to buy for calendars, magazines and different printing projects. Your Instagram page can have a link to your Etsy page. I’m glad you found these ideas great.

  9. This post is extremely helpful, sharing all the practical tips, which one will rarely get in those insta courses, we get to see digitally.

    • I know, many Instagram courses out there will only scratch the surface for you and then you end up buying more courses. It makes me happy that you found it helpful

  10. Informative post on how to capitalise affiliate marketing through instagram. I am sure a lot of budding travel bloggers will benefit from this!

    • Sure, many budding travel bloggers and experienced travel bloggers looking for new ways to monetise their blog will definitely benefit from it.

  11. Great tips on how to monetize a travel blog, and very timely for me since I am just really beginning to focus on mine and monetize it 🙂 Thanks for all the great tips, I’ll be sure to put some of these into practise.

    • Fantastic! I am so glad you will be putting some of the tips into action. Let me know if you need any further assistance.

  12. well-written article for all Instagrammers looking to start earning. So much useful information with relevant links to save time.

    • Thank you, Binny. The idea is to share useful information to help Instagram users in maximising the opportunities out there.

  13. I haven’t thought about promoting affiliate links like that before! I’ll have to get my thinking cap on – thank you!!!

  14. I found this post very interesting and I’m sure this would be of great help to many travel bloggers who are keen to increase their earnings. If you are a travel blogger it only makes sense to utilise what you already do to grow your audience and income at the same time. The tips offered here would seem to be a great way to get started.

    • Absolutely, Nicole. I feel people don’t need to pay for expensive courses to learn about monetising their platforms.I am glad you found the tips helpful.


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