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7 Days Itinerary For All Inclusive Holidays Hurghada

All Inclusive Holidays Hurghada

Once a sleepy little fishing village on the Red Sea to now the hub of all-inclusive holidays Hurghada in Egypt is a great destination for corporate retreats, couples getaways, conferences, and destination parties. 

Situated on the famous Red sea coast, Hurghada is one of the most relaxed places in Egypt to visit. It’s also an incredibly fascinating and versatile travel destination, with just about something to offer any kind of traveller. Whether you’re after history, adventure, relaxation, or culture, this 7-day Hurghada itinerary will help you plan a trip of a lifetime. 

From singles to couples, and those passionate about diving, snorkeling, and other water sports, visiting Hurghada with your entire family can be more thrilling, as there are lots of attractions in this awesome city for tourists to see, do and experience. Combining ancient fishing lifestyles and modern life, Hurghada offers you a genuine feeling of Egyptian civilization.

This Hurghada travel itinerary is packed with insider tips, such as the best way to get around the resort towns of Makadi Bay, El Gouna, Soma Bay, and Sahi Hasheesh on your own and the coziest all-inclusive beach resorts to spend the night with many of them boasting of private water parks for families. You’ll also find an alternative 5-day Hurghada itinerary and a 3-day Hurghada itinerary inside this guide if you are just away with your friends on a destination party or luxury retreat.

From gorgeous diving centres, beach-front all-inclusive resorts, and eastern desert and mountains within close reach, Hurghada offers an incredibly wide range of experiences for travellers. Get ready to discover them all!

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Where is Hurghada Egypt

This name may sound strange, especially if you haven’t visited Egypt in the past. Back then, Hurghada wasn’t very famous, and unlike other popular places in Egypt, many people haven’t heard about it. Founded in the earlier years of the 20th century, Hurghada has evolved from a tiny village with fishing as their primary activity into an important Egyptian city.

Many years ago, this tourist site used to be a tiny village where the locals go fishing, and nothing more. It wasn’t attractive then, probably because of its location and perhaps the immense value of the beaches hasn’t been known then. Well, just like you can’t stop a lamp from shining, Hurghada didn’t remain an ordinary village for so long because its importance to the tourism sector was later discovered and exploited, perhaps not to its full potentials yet.

Situated just next to the Red Sea, this tiny village is now a prominent place in Egypt where tourists troop in their numbers yearly to visit, explore and have fun. Unlike in the past, Hurghada is now a major tourist destination in the whole of Egypt, with lots of hotels to accommodate divers and others that are attracted by the waters surrounding it and other enticing features.

How to Get to Hurghada Egypt from The UK

When visiting Hurghada from the United Kingdom, there are several flight options available. Interestingly, you don’t have to stop in Cairo because most of the major airlines can take you directly to Hurghada International Airport.

The flight duration depends on the airline and your location in the UK. For instance, flying from Manchester would take approximately 5 hours 48 minutes. Nonetheless, the time it would take to fly from other parts of the United Kingdom is mostly similar, depending on the location.

How about the choice of an airline? Regarding this, different airlines fly to Hurghada, however, EasyJet is the most popular among them.

Ways to Get Around Hurghada

Once you arrive, moving around this city should be the next thing to consider as a tourist from the United Kingdom. There are different means of transport, however, the major means of transport in Hurghada are minivans. They are known as ‘microbus’ and are painted white.

As a tourist, you can use this microbus, even though it is the same means of transport the locals use the most. All you have to do is tell the driver where you are heading so you won’t enter a minibus headed for a different destination.

These minivans have established routes, mainly Dahar, Mubarak 2, Sherry St., and Sakkalla. Except you understand Arabic, you can’t tell where the bus is heading since the signs used for the bus routes are written in Arabic. Therefore, it is important to ask someone so you won’t miss your destination.

Is there Uber in Hurghada?

For one reason or the other, you may prefer moving around Hurghada through Uber, and that is absolutely fine and highly encouraged, especially if it is your first vacation in Egypt. Fortunately enough, Uber operates in this city and it will definitely save you from unnecessary stress that comes with using a regular taxi. Though pricey, Uber is a great alternative especially for you as a foreigner. Think about the various stresses that come with hailing a taxi such as arguing with a taxi driver. It is a great idea to move around and explore the city without stress, hence Uber is an option you shouldn’t overlook.

As you plan on using Uber, don’t forget that there are certain locations that don’t allow the use of Uber in Hurghada, but this shouldn’t be a big problem to you because it is largely allowed and you can easily book an appointment. The reason for this is probably because of competition from local taxi services since Uber is mostly not allowed in bus stations and similar locations. If Uber is not available where you are standing, all you have to do is walk a bit further, about 5 minutes from that point, and Uber will become available again. As you do so, ensure to avoid taxi touts along the road.

The Best Luxury Hotels in Hurghada

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Located just beside the Red Sea, over the years, Hurghada has evolved into a major tourist city with several beaches and exciting attractions. Regarding this, massive infrastructural developments have taken place to provide accommodation for tourists visiting from the UK and different parts of the world. There are several 5-Star hotels along the coastline and in the city, with lots of options to pick from.

Enjoy the pleasing beachfront view from Dana Beach Resort, located along Sahl Hasheesh Road in Hurghada. A 5-star resort, this luxury hotel lives up to its name. All the rooms have an outdoor balcony, offering you a pleasant view of the sea. In this luxury hotel, there is a lagoon-style outdoor pool, a piano bar and also a dive centre.

Another luxury hotel, Beach Albatros Resort, which is located along Safaga Road, gives you the comfort you and your family needs. The rooms of this hotel are big enough with balconies. Featuring an Aqua Park coupled with three outdoor swimming pools, there is also a diving centre and spa for your utmost comfort.

The Best Places to Eat in Hurghada

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Right from ancient times, Egypt has been a pioneer of civilization, with rich culture and excellent food too. In Hurghada, there are various types of cuisine, and apart from traditional Egyptian dishes, you will find western restaurants, fast food, oriental dishes and lots more.

There are several outlets to get the local fast food, and you can also find McDonald’s and KFC.  If a chicken meal is what you long to taste, then the food outlet ‘Brost Eldik’ which offers different chicken meals is there to keep you filled.

Another great restaurant/bar is Tripple X, located just across from Princess Palace Hotel, very close to Hard Rock Cafe. Don’t let the name scare you off because this family-run restaurant has a pleasant atmosphere and isn’t rough like you may want to think.

Although Egypt is a conventional nation, Hurghada is more liberal than other parts of the country. This shouldn’t be a surprise though, because as a major tourist site, it attracts lots of westerners and foreigners alike. With that said, you can get alcoholic drinks in hotels or bars.

Sodas, juices, canned drinks and other non-alcoholic drinks can be found too, so it’s up to you to make a choice. For a more traditional and adventurous taste, there are several local Egyptian drinks like Karkadeh, Sahlab, Yansoon, Mirinda, Irfa, and lots more to quench your thirst.

Best Luxury Family Travel Companies for Hurghada Egypt

  • Intrepid Travel – Intrepid Travel offers a 15-day journey to Egypt with a stop-over at Hurghada on day 9 and 10.
  • Exodus Travel – Although Exodus Travel to Egypt does not have a stopover in Hurghada, you can take a bus ride from Luxor to Hurghada.
  • Exoticca – Exoticca offers an amazing holiday to Egypt with a 2 days stopover at Luxor and if you want to see Hurghada during this time, you can take a boat ride to Hurghada.

The Best Tours to do from Hurghada

Having a memorable time with the family is a great way to enjoy your visit to Hurghada, hence you should select the best tours to make the journey remarkable. Don’t just limit your vacation to your hotel, go out and experience the sweet life in Hurghada. With its dominant marine-related lifestyle, touring Hurghada will always be fun. Here are some exciting tours to do from Hurghada.

New Marina: Want to experience heaven on earth? New Marina is an awesome place to visit. Offering angelic vibes, the magic never stops here. Feed your eyes with the pleasing sights of giant ships at the harbour while enjoying the cool breeze from the sea. Sample various dishes and drinks from various bars and hotels in New Marina. There are several malls for shopping, and you can’t just get enough as you tour.

Giftun Island: If you love solitude, then this island is a great place to unwind. In the Red Sea, there are pristine beaches, warm lagoons and many wonders of nature on Giftun Island. You can go diving on this island and see for yourself unique creatures of different shapes, sizes and colours that live underwater.

Hurghada Grand Aquarium: Isn’t it magnificent to watch different animals from diverse habitats in one place? This is something you would hardly get elsewhere, but this great Hurghada aquarium offers you the opportunity to see for yourself over 1,000 animals from more than a hundred species. These creatures are rarely seen because they mostly live deep underwater, but a visit to Hurghada Grand Aquarium makes it possible for you to see them live in action, blowing your mind away.

El Gouna Beach: Want to have endless experience of leisure? Then this beach is one you shouldn’t miss as you spend your holiday in Hurghada. This beach is for everyone because there are lots of fun activities that will keep you excited and refreshed. The sand is warm and the refreshing sun will keep you powered up as you catch fun. With golf, kite flying and exploring the waters, El Gouna Beach can never become boring for you.

Top All-Inclusive Hotels in Hurghada

Everyone has a different sense of preference, and what you fancy might not be what the next person likes. This applies to all spheres of life, even in the choice of a hotel. Therefore there are hundreds of hotels in Hurghada Egypt, and apart from the luxurious ones listed above in this post, you can still make a choice depending on what you want. Below are other hotels and accommodation option in Hurghada.

Grand Seas Resort HostMark: Located just two minutes’ stroll away from the beach along Safaga Road in Hurghada, this hotel has an outdoor pool and also a great sit-down restaurant.

Hurghada Acorn: Those in search of budget-friendly accommodation in Hurghada can try Hurghada Acorn, which has been in operation since 2008 by a husband and wife.

Hurghada Center: An enormous complex, it has several rooms and spaces of different sizes. Popularly known as ‘Center Libya’, this complex is a decent accommodation option you can select.

Eiffel Hotel Hurghada: From the name alone, you could tell how classy this hotel is. Along Sheraton Street just by the side of Marina Al Yokhoot in Hurghada Egypt, Eiffel Hotel is only a minutes’ walk away from the beach. The rooms are properly ventilated and also air-conditioned, with a balcony through which you can get a beautiful view of the Red Sea.

Eagles Resort: A pleasant hotel for relaxation on your vacation, this property which is along Airport way in the Magawish area is just 10 minutes far away from the Airport.


Lillyland Beach Club Resort: Located along Hurghada Safage Road, this hotel is very close to the beach, and you just have to walk for 10 minutes to get to the beach. Right along the coast of the Red Sea, Lillyland Beach Club features an outdoor pool, spa, and even a private beach area, bringing to you comfort and luxury on your vacation.

Other awesome accommodation choices include Sonesta Pharaoh Beach Resort, which is along Safaga Road in Hurghada Egypt. There is the Sunrise Holidays Resort, and this is located along Coronation Road in Hurghada.

There is the Sunrise Chrystal Bay Resort, the Sea Star Blue Rivage, and The Oberoi, all in Hurghada. With the hundreds of hotels and accommodation choices in Hurghada, you can never run out of options when selecting a hotel to lodge.

Things to Do On Hurghada Tours

mosque at all inclusive holidays hurghada

As you tour Hurghada, don’t let this opportunity waste because there are many fun activities and things to do. This tourist centre is great for those that love the sea and also the beach.

Looking for some adventure on the sea? If yes, then fun activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, parasailing, windsurfing and even jet skis all await you. If you don’t want to get engaged in these activities, you can go for something milder like riding a glass boat where the bottom is made of glass, giving you the precious opportunity of feeding your eyes with amazing underwater scenes and coral reefs.

Adventure in Hurghada doesn’t just happen on the sea; the land also holds surprises for you. Yes, you can ride beach buggies or motorbikes into the desert, and explore various historic sites and landscapes.

Things to do in Hurghada Egypt as A Family

Touring Hurghada with the entire family is fun and exciting, but some activities could be risky, especially for kids. Nonetheless, this shouldn’t stop you from visiting this astonishing part of Egypt because there are many family-friendly things you can do with the kids and the entire family in Hurghada.

The unique thing about Hurghada is that it offers several family-friendly fun activities which you can’t get elsewhere on earth. Yes, you heard that right. One of such activities is wandering hundreds of miles through the desert on quad bikes to meet a Bedouin tribe and take tea with them.

Additionally, you can explore more of ancient Egypt and see for yourself some ancient wonders spread across two historic plains recorded in the Bible. You do this with the help of camels, and you don’t have to trek all the way through the desert.

The kids too should also feel the waters, and you can take boat trips to distant Big and Little Gifton islands. On this island, you unravel nature in its purest form, keeping you speechless and astonished.

Shopping isn’t a bad idea, and the kids would scream out in joy at this idea. There are several malls and shopping complexes in Hurghada, all to make your visit a memorable one. One of the latest malls in Hurghada City Center, giving you the opportunity to shop with the family. Not only that, on the top floor, there is a movie theatre you can visit with the kids.

To have a feel of ancient Egypt, explore El Dhakar, Hurghada’s old part. Feel the vibes, have a taste of local food and enjoy every sight and sound of this ancient part of Egypt which makes you feel like you are travelling through time.

Besides all these, fulfil the curiosity of the kids and keep them excited by visiting shipwrecks. There are many of them along the Red Sea’s coast, with Rosalie Moller and El Mina among the most visited. This will increase their curiosity and they will want to know more about the cause and the history.

As stated earlier, the aquarium is a family-friendly place to spend some quality time with the kids on your tour. Diving deep in the Red Sea can be risky with kids, hence it is a wise idea to look for an alternative, something the Hurghada Grand Aquarium offers you astonishingly.

With the many outdoor activities and lifestyle all over Hurghada, you shouldn’t just sit back in your hotel complex during your stay because you would miss a lot!

Why You Should Visit Hurghada for Your All-Inclusive Holiday

all inclusive holidays Hurghada hotels

Travelling from the UK to Hurghada in Egypt takes lots of time on-air, and you may contemplate if it is worth it. Well, your vacation will surely be a thrilling experience, especially if you take the time to tour the city, visiting the fantastic places mentioned above. Here are more reasons why visit Hurghada in Egypt for your vacation.

Hurghada offers astonishing diving experience, one of the best in the world. The waters are as clear as a crystal, making you see clearly underwater. Rich in culture, Hurghada houses some of Egypt’s historical features and sites, and you can easily explore other parts of Egypt from here. El Dhakar, the ancient fishing village, still keeps its ancient touch, giving you the rare opportunity to experience Egypt in its original traditional form.

Strategically located, Hurghada gives you the opportunity to easily access the desert, mountains and the Red Sea too. With this in mind, you can visit multiple sites with different topography on a single vacation trip. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

If you are looking for some of the finest sandy beaches of the Red Sea, Hurghada is your best bet. On its beautiful beaches, sunbathing is fun, with the sands heated by the warmth of the sun. There are many other reasons to visit this enchanting tourist attraction, making Hurghada a great vacation option in Egypt. Come to Hurghada today with your family for a holiday and experience a refreshing and fun-filled vacation along the Red Sea.

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All Inclusive Holidays Hurghada

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