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The best holiday destinations Turkey has something to offer for all type of travellers. If you are looking for a beach holiday in Turkey head to Marmaris. If you are looking for a laid-back holiday, head to Oludeniz and if you are looking for a historic adventure, head to Kalkan.

Best Holiday Destinations Turkey for families: Marmaris

Where is Marmaris located?

Marmaris is located in the Mediterranean region. It is a popular destination because it sits right conveniently for travels to Ephesus and Pamukkale. I have a post on the best 9 adventurous things to do in Marmaris. Check it out to get the best of your holiday to Marmaris, Turkey.

Marmaris is best for:

History lovers

Beach lovers

Adventure lovers

Where to stay in Marmaris

With Jet 2 Holidays, you can stay at the Golden Beach hotel with access to its private beach and peaceful mountainside village.

Marmaris is 2 hours ahead of UK time.

Flight time is 4 hours

Getting Around Marmaris

To get around Marmaris, use a minibus, they are the cheapest option because of the distances between places. Taxi are available and more convenient but they can get expensive. You can also book

The Best Things to do in Marmaris

  1. Visit the Castle of St Peter – Enjoy the views of the perfect bays. Explore a 7th-century Byzantine Wreck in its museum of underwater Archaeology.
  2. Have a Hamam bath – The stone-built Turkish baths.
  3. Inspect the glamourous yacht in the harbour
  4. Get on a boat ride
  5. Re-enact the past life of natives by visiting sites in Pamukkale and Ephesus.

Best Turkey Holiday Destinations Turkey for Adventure Lovers: Oludeniz

Where is Oludeniz located?

Oludeniz is located in the Mugla part of the Aegean Mediterranean region. It is famous for its blue lagoon and visitors crowd here because of its stunning beach views.

Oludeniz is best for:

Beach lovers

Adventure lovers

Where to stay in Oludeniz

There are beautiful 5-star hotels in Oludeniz including the Obama Beach Hotel and Restaurant.

Getting Around Oludeniz

The best way to get around Oludeniz is to hire a car. Walking along the beach is also favourable. You will find the shops, restaurants, and entertainment facilities are all within walking distance.

The Best Things to do in Oludeniz

  1. Visit the water world waterparks especially if you have a family.
  2. See the nature reserve at Oludeniz beach
  3. Paraglide over the stunning views of Babadag
  4. See archaeological ruins at Gemile Island
  5. Visit the pebble beach at Kumburnu Plaji.

Best Turkey Holiday Destinations for Beach Lovers: Kalkan

Where is Kalkan located?

Kalkan is located at the foot of Taurus Mountain. It is a charming fishing village, great for those seeking peaceful rest in the midst of sun and sand.

Kalkan is best for:

Beach lovers

Where to stay in Kalkan

Kalkan has many beautiful places either in the old fishing town or in the luxury hotels that have sprung up. My favourite is Hotel Matiana.

Getting Around Kalkan

The shared minibus is the best way to get around Kalkan. You can also hire a car, and taxis are cheap.

The Best Things to do in Kalkan

  1. Visit Patara Beach
  2. Visit Kalkan Public Beach
  3. See Sidyma Antik Kenti
  4. Explore Sican Island
  5. Swim at Yali Beach Club

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