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Travelling light with fewer clothes for the family is a no brainer however rolling and squashing your clothes into packing cubes wrinkles your clothes. What’s the solution?

Take a travel iron with you. They are small, compact, light-weight and will deliver an excellent power on your clothes more than travel steamers.

Not convinced? Read the 3 best rated clothes iron review to help you decide why you should not pay for laundry services at the hotel or be spotted wearing wrinkled clothes in your family photos.

The Best Rated Clothes Iron - Key features


The best travel iron soleplate can be Ceramic, stainless steel or Aluminium.

Easy of use

The Best Travel Iron should be easy to use with option of a cordless or a long cord travel iron. They should have manual control, drip prevention or water tank.


The best travel irons should have power indicating light and power of about 1000 Watts.


The best travel irons should have controls that can shut off if you accidentally forget to turn it off.

Choosing the best rated clothes iron: What to consider

When choosing the best rated clothes iron for travel, you need to consider the pros and cons of its key features and the price you are willing to pay for it.

Key Features:

  • Soleplate
  • Ease of use
  • Power
  • Safety

Price Range:

  • Inexpensive
  • Mid-range
  • Expensive

Best rated clothes iron: Key features


Soleplate is the flat, triangular part of the iron which helps with the smoothing out of wrinkles. It can be made with different materials such as ceramic, stainless steel and non-stick materials. Here are the pros and cons of each type of a travel iron soleplate.

Ceramic Soleplate

This soleplate have plastic or  metal bases that is covered in ceramic.


Creates less static electricity – clothes don’t cling to the soleplate.

Offers non-stick surface – so kind to your precious silk, lace and chiffon clothes.


Ceramic soleplates get stained quickly by dyed fabrics.

Ceramic soleplates cracks and breaks quickly.

Stainless steel Soleplate

The stainless steel soleplate are commonly used in steam irons. They conduct and distributes heat quickly as they are made from stainless steel.


Distributes heat evenly. 

Highly durable.

Easy to clean.


Sticks to clothes when the heat is too high.

Melts chiffon, lace and silk clothes when too hot.

Non-stick Soleplate

The non-stick soleplate is made with either Aluminum or stainless steel base and coated with non-stick materials which glides easily on fabrics including light-weight materials.


Never sticks on fabrics – great for polyster clothes like sportwears.

Affordable and practical

Powerful wrinkle remover.


Coating of non-stick materials degrades with time.

Ease of Use

With new technologies making travel iron compact and digital, you want to consider the option of a cordless travel iron or a long cord travel iron. Read on to find out which is better.

Cordless Travel Iron

Cordless travel irons are more convenient to use but usually heavier because they come with a charging base.

Cordless travel irons are effective for travels within African countries or other countries in Asia and South America who have limited access to electricity.


Convenient to use.

Effective for travelling to remote destinations.


They don’t sustain high temperature so clothes might appear not ironed.

Travel iron with cord

Travel irons with cord are lighter in weight and have high speed of heating to required temperatures.

Travel irons with cord are useful for travelling to countries with a more stable supply of electricity although you need to check for the volts capacity of the country you intend to visit.


High speed of heating to high temperatures.

Even spread of heat temperatures.


Access to sockets in hotel rooms might be limited.

Needs to be paired up with adaptors for countries in Europe and North America.


Extra features for ease of Use

Travel bag – for keeping travel irons safe and protected during transit. 

Comfortable handle: for ironing your families clothes on holiday, you will need a travel iron with a soft and comfortable grip.

Digital control – for setting the right temperature for specific clothes.

Manual control (recommended) – for manual setting of temperature.

Drip prevention feature – to stop leaking from travel irons.

Water tank – for the function of steam, great with clothes made of linen and cotton fabrics.

Steam Options – for vertical steam  and steam shot options.

Measuring cup – for adding water to the travel iron without spilling.


Considering the power output, dual voltage capacity and power indicator light feature for a travel iron is key. 

The power output should range between 450 – 1000 Watts. Any less will require waiting for a long time before the iron heats up.

Travel irons with dual voltage capacity makes travelling to international countries like America and Canada easier because you can use the travel irons anywhere in the world.

The power indicator light gives a signal to show that the iron is ready to use and controls the temperature (if set) to show when the travel iron is too hot.

Top Tip

Look for travel irons with 240 volts for travels to Africa, Europe and The Middle East.

Buy a travel iron with dual voltage capacity.


When travelling with children, the safety feature of a travel iron should be a priority. The safety feature of a travel iron is to prevent you and your clothes from getting burned or scratched.

It should have an automatic shut off system that can turn off if you forget to turn the iron off.

Best Travel Iron: Price range

The best travel iron comes with the price tag.

Check out this table to help you decide on what you will get for your budget.

Inexpensive Travel Iron

They are the smallest in size.

Price range

under £15

Features Include:

Manual controls

Dual voltage system  (240 volts  and 120 volts)

Steam Shots

Power indicator light

Flexibility for various fabric types

Mid-range Travel Iron

They have extra features and lasts longer.

Price range

under £30

Features include:

Fast heating

Measuring cup

1-Touch Steam Control

Dry And Steam Ironing

Dual Voltage (100 & 240 Volts)

Small size For Travel

1 Year Warranty

Expensive Travel Iron

They are durable , with great power and steam shot options.
Price range
under £55
Features include:

 Power between 800 – 1000 Watts

light weight

Manual and digital controls

Dual Voltage support (120 Volts & 240 Volts) 

70 – 80ml water tank

Iron or vertical Steamer option

Continued steaming capacity

Better Warranty – from 2 years

 Travel Adaptor

3 Best rated clothes Iron Reviews (UK)

Looking for the best travel iron is very subjective but this travel iron review has been streamlined to ensure it covers what you are looking for as a family going away on holiday.

Your questions are:

How well will it iron your clothes?

How cheap is it?

How small is it?

This travel iron review answers these questions.

Best Rated Clothes Iron

3 Best Rated Clothes Iron - John Lewis iron

Overview: John Lewis & Partners Travel iron @ £20

John Lewis & Partners Travel Iron is the best rated clothes iron because it will deliver on its promise of ironing your clothes for a crisps and smart look. It has a dry and steam setting which makes ironing easy and quick.


Main Features

Ceramic Soleplate

50L Water tank


1.9m Cable length

0.69 kg weight

Anti-scale tank

1000 Watts Power


Heats up instantly.

Works well on cotton and linen fabrics like shirts and shorts.

Compact and light-weight.


Uncomfortable handle.

My opinion

John Lewis & Partners is a UK brand to trust. They have delivered quality time after time and this travel iron is another excellent product from John Lewis. It is sturdy in design, durable and offers 2 years guarantee. With its ceramic soleplate, you can be assured that it will be kind to your precious silk, chiffon or lace fabric. It will not stick or burn your clothes. It is great for use when travelling to Africa, Europe and The Middle East because it is cordless and it comes with a cute bag for safety. At £20, it is a bargain and I will suggest you grab yours.

Cheap Travel Iron

Russell Hobbs Steam Glide Travel Iron Review

Overview: Russell Hobbs Steam Glide Travel Iron @ £11.99

This travel iron by Russell Hobbs is cheap and does the job!

Russell Hobbs are a leading UK brand in home wares and have a variety of travel irons on the market.

It will fit in your luggage even if you’re only using a cabin box.


Main Features

Stainless steel Soleplate

80 ml Water tank


0.66 kg weight

Steam facility

760 Watts Power


Heats up quickly.

Compact, fits in your bag.

Dual voltage capacity can be used in Europe, America and Canada.


No Auto shut-off, you must remember to turn it off.

My Opinion

Russel Hobbs is a household name in home wares that means they are doing something right. This travel iron is compact at 0.66 kg, it fits in your luggage easily. It heats up quickly and glides smoothly down your clothes because it has a stainless steel soleplate. It is a great travel iron to take on your travels around the world because it has a dual voltage capacity of 120 Volts and 240 Volts.

You will need to take care with this travel iron because it does not have an auto shutoff and with its stainless stain soleplate, it will burn your clothes when it is too hot.

Best quality travel iron

Philip Azur Steam Travel Iron Review

Overview: Philip Azur Steam Iron @ £55

Philip is another brand name in the UK but this travel iron is the leader in top quality and durability. It warms up quickly, and will removes creases in a flash. It offers an amazing 5 years warranty. This iron is the most ideal for long-haul family travel.


Main Features

SteamGlide Advanced Soleplate

Safety Auto shut-off

5 star gliding system

4 star scratch resistance

300 ml Water tank

Dual voltage

1.56 kg weight

Advanced steam facility

2600 Watts Power

3m Power cord length

Calcium Clean


Powerful performance.

Large water tank – You won’t need to refill while ironing for the family.

Drip stop system to prevent leakage.

Steam boost that penetrates deep into the clothes.

Quic Calc release for cleaning.

Heats up super quickly with 2600 Watts power.


Heat dial difficult to use.

My Opinion

If you are looking for a travel iron for a long-haul family travel adventure, then this travel iron is the best durable iron you will find. It powers up quickly and glides the clothes with 2,600 Watts. It has a drip stop system that keep clothes clean while ironing. The heat ideal is difficult to see if you are using this travel iron in the night. The safety Auto shut-off is perfect if you have children or if you forget to turn the iron off.

To conclude

Iron out your travel plans with my review of the best travel iron in the UK. This review post examines the key features of a travel iron, it explains what to consider when choosing a travel iron and explores the price range for travel irons in the UK. This post is the ultimate guide to getting the best travel iron and it answers your frequently asked questions on the best rated clothes iron, the cheapest travel iron and the best quality travel iron in the UK.

Would you consider getting a travel iron for your travels?

Let me know in the comments.

The Best travel irons


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40 thoughts on “3 Best Rated Clothes Iron Reviews”

  1. Great idea! I have never thought to bring an iron on a trip with me, although I have struggled with the wrinkled clothing in the past. I will have to look into getting one in the future, now I know where to start. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I’m glad you mentioned reviewing travel steamers too. I find them easier to use and prefer them over irons when I’m traveling and only have a few things to get ready to wear.

    • I know a number of people prefer clothes steamers and I think the main difference is the clothes irons are great for families because of the time the clothes steamers take to heat up.

  3. We’re traveling for a wedding soon (well, at some point due to coronavirus) and we were concerned about our wedding gear getting wrinkled! Now we won’t have to- thank you for the detailed review!

    • Yes, taking your travel iron is the best option. You don’t want your wedding gears stained with an iron you can’t trust.

  4. This is SO helpful! I had a small travel steamer and I killed it in Italy with the plug conversion. ? I will have to look into the options you mentioned. Thank you so much!

  5. A great summary of travel irons. I used to have a steam iron at home, but have never taken one on our travels. Good to know for the future though.

    • Yes, it is worth taking your travel iron when travelling, the ones in the hotels might not work or be available.

  6. Wow, I have never thought of getting an iron for travels but your post was detailed and I feel the need to get one. I don’t like ironing but you never know when you might need one

    • Yes Rayo, it’s one of the essentials that people tend to forget to take along on their travels.

  7. This is a really great list and review! I love the charts you created, which really make it helpful and easy to compare. These are so cool I may get one just to use at home, too! Haha! Thanks for all the hard work that went into your research!

    • Thank you Michelle, you are so kind. I actually have a travel iron that my daughter uses to iron at home. She will progress to the standard iron once she is more confident with using the travel iron.

  8. We need this because my husband wants his clothes ironed even during travel. We normally borrow iron from the hotel. I was looking into purchasing a steamer instead so I will wait for you next review☺️

    • I know that steamers have the edge in terms of their size, but travel irons are now designed to be as small and convenient to carry as well.

  9. Thanks for such a good comparison! I am actually in the market for a travel iron and I was considering a couple of those options! Thank you!

  10. I have never thought of getting a travel iron. Most of my clothes dont require ironing. However if I did consider getting one it would have to have a drip proof feature. Drives me crazy when the water leaks out.

    • I know what you mean, especially when it leaks everywhere and ruins personal stuff. The Philip Azur brand will be a great choice for you when you’re ready.

  11. I hardly iron at home, so there’s not chance of my ironing when I travel!! I purposely choose travel clothes that are as wrinkle free as possible. Sometimes I do end up going out looking like a bag of washing .. but that’s just part and parcel of the joy of travel 🙂

    • I agree Jay, sometimes you want to look like that but other times you want to look all smart and cute for dinner dates.

  12. Interesting post. It’s not something I’ve ever given that much thought to but would definitely come in handy.
    I didn’t even realise there were so many different options, and the fact that you’ve given the pros and cons of each is great.
    I always blamed myself when I burnt something. Hadn’t thought about the different surfaces making a difference with different materials. Maybe I wasn’t always to blame!
    The John Lewis one is even actually kind of cute, not something I thought I’d ever say about an iron. I suppose you get what you pay for with this type of product. If you think steam is the best for travel then I think you’ve helped me make my decision.
    Thank you

    • It’s great that I helped you make a decision. The travel irons I reviewed are trusted brands and they last a fair bit according to usage.

  13. Thank you very much for this resourceful article. it is a pleasure.

    overtime, philip has been consistent with producing quality irons and this has helped their reputation making them one of the most reliable in that industry. these are great irons with beautiful designs. the specifications are awesome too.  thank you very much

  14. Hello i must say that i am amazed at this website. there is so much attention to detail and this article that you have created on travel iron. the lohn lewis travel iron is such a beauty to behold and coupled with the properties. i am wasting no time in getting this product. thank you very much

    • Thank you. It’s great you found the website useful and helpful. I’m glad I was able to convince you on the cheap travel iron from John Lewis.

    • You’re right Audrey, steam irons are best for travel. The John Lewis Iron and the Philip Azur Iron I reviewed are steam irons.

  15. As a careful packer, I’d never really grasped the need for a travel iron. I also tend to avoid clothes that crease a lot and will need to be ironed. However, when family comes into the picture, you cannot help but plan ahead. You’ve quite exhaustively covered the various features of each options and their cons. Thanks for the advisory on power, especially when traveling around Africa. Thanks for a helpful review Bolupe.

    We are Blessed.

    • Sure Mark, when you’re travelling with your family you have to factor in their needs too. The power of the iron is essential for travels around Africa, the Middle and Europe.

  16. Thanks for these great list of travel irons you’ve reviewed on your site. Since me and my wife love to travel these would come in handy for sure.

    Right now we have a I guess you call it a wall iron, where you place a large cloth on door frame and use a steamer iron on your clothes.

    How would you compare that to these products right here, and out of all these options which one would you say is your favorite?

    • I will be reviewing travel steamers next because I have used a few. What I find as the main difference between a travel iron and a travel steamer is a travel iron does the job of ironing but a travel steamer is good for refreshing clothes that have been previously ironed. Watch out for my reviews on travel steamers.


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