Travel Motivation: Be like a kid at a Theme park.

Picture taken by 13weekstravel @ Holidayworldmaspalomas

Be like a kid at a Theme park.

Enjoy the rides.

Try everything at least once.

Do the rides you love AGAIN and AGAIN.

Be like a kid at a Theme Park

When was the last time you looked at new things in your life like it was an exciting ride to take?

Yes, it might be a bit scary, but fun and exciting for sure, and definitely worth standing in a line that feels like forever just to take the ride.

Start opening up to new possibilities in life by thinking of them as an exciting ride in an amusement park – give it a try, step out of your comfort zone, let it go.

Enjoy the rides

Picture taken by 13weekstravel @ Atlantis water park

Do you think kids worry about school when they are enjoying a ride in the park? No! They take every minute of it in, and absorb every detail of the moment. It always amazes me how my kids can remember little details from our travels; it’s because they truly live in the moment and enjoy every bit of it. Live the moment! Don’t multitask your life away, but make every day chores more enjoyable so you will love the routine.

Try everything at least once

Without trying you’ll never know how something is like. It’s about time that YOU start giving new things a try! And I don’t mean you have to change your life in this moment, but try new hobby, anything you might say a straight no to before.

Do the rides you love AGAIN and AGAIN.

Make enjoying life a habit, not a once in a blue moon type of thing. Who says you can’t have fun everyday and who says that even work has to actually feel like work? Yes, it requires a lot of smart planning, but you can make your everyday life to feel like a day at the Theme park, all the time, by choosing to do things you love or finding love out of the things you do.

Would you look at life from the perspective of a kid at a Theme Park?

Let me know in the comments.

Affordable Luxury Travel: How to enjoy the Luxe life at a Low cost.

Luxury travel is life but what’s even better is the low cost if you know how to find it.

If you have school – aged children like me and you prefer the consistency that term-time schooling gives them, then you have no choice than to travel only during the school holidays.

In England, UK, there are 13 weeks of school holidays. Travel during this 13 weeks tends to be more expensive because the travel companies take advantage of the demand and then increase the cost of supply.

In order to enjoy luxury travel at a low cost during school holidays, you need to follow my 5 ‘go-to’ tips.

dubai pixs-min

1. Time

With seven continents and over one hundred and ninety five countries in the world, you are spoilt for choice with where to go. The question is when?

In order to find when to travel, you need to pick a location, search for the possibility of natural disasters, peak periods and non – peak periods. Then, book the non-peak period that is favourable for you.

For example, we travelled to Turkey during the half-term school holidays in February which was not a peak period hence it was unbelievably affordable.49266534-1b4f-4ecf-bff9-f9c330629b05 We stayed at the prestigious Concorde De Luxe Resort.

2. Have a growth mindset

Growth Mindset simply means you need to be flexible and have an open mind about achieving your travel plans. The best deals at a particular school holiday period might not be where you have on your list but giving it a go could be the best decision you ever made.

For example, when we booked our first Easter school holiday to Cyprus about five years ago, we didn’t know what affordable luxury life Cyprus had in stock for us and ever since we first visited, we have ritually continued to visit Cyprus every year and we have even joked that we will retire in Cyprus one day.

3. Use Comparison Sites, Cash-backs and Discounts

Comparison sites are great for checking out what’s on offer. Trivago and Travelscoop are one of my favourites for luxury school holidays offer.

Cash- backs are great for comparing various booking websites like Expedia, and offering cash-back deals when you book with them.  I mostly use Quidco  for these.

There are a number of career – based discounts that are great at giving you staff discounts. The most popular is the National Health Service (NHS) discount. If you work with the NHS, make sure you use the health service discount website to check out what discount is on.

4. Use Prepaid Currency Card

I have introduced Revolut travel card to a large number of friends already and they’re all so happy about the fact that they don’t need to pay handling fees or transactional fees unlike credit cards from banks.

Revolut travel card works like a credit card and you can conveniently transfer money from your account to your Revolut card and vice- versa, whilst keeping an eye on what you’re spending. The range of currencies on offer is amazing and I noticed that Revolut’s conversation rate is usually higher than the banks.

For more guide on the best and worst debit cards to use abroad, check out this blog post by Veggievagabonds.

Bank International ATM fee International transaction fee International withdrawal limit
Monzo* Nil Nil £200 per month. 3% charge for foreign withdrawals after.
N26* 1.7% Nil No limit
Revolut* Nil but 0.5-2% on weekends Nil £200 a month. 2% charge for foreign withdrawals after.

5. Use Rewards and more Rewards

We all love to be pampered right? Rewards come in different shapes and sizes. Using them on your luxury travel makes it all more affordable. How?

Ensure your credit card gives you offers for using it. An example is the British Airways American Express Premium Plus card which gives a 2 for 1 companion travel on a BA flight for an annual fee of £195 and a minimum spend of £10,000 over a period of 12 months.

Ensure you use your supermarket royalty scheme which have partnership points that can be used for travel. Examples are Tesco Club-Card points which converts into Avios and Sainsbury’s Nectar points which can be used for travelling with Easy-Jet.

The secret is out! This is how you too can enjoy affordable Luxury travel during school holidays.

I hope you find these tips useful and if you have your tips that you wish to share, please do by leaving them in the comments below.