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This page is a one-stop destination to help you travel better with the travel resources you will need. I have recommended my trusted websites and companies that I use regularly. I have divided the travel resources into the essentials you will need for every trip, like your travel activities, travel money, and travel insurance.

As a travel business, I also use some resources to help me be more productive.

If you are planning to become a travel blogger or a travel business owner, you will need some of the travel resources I have included. The links are affiliate links and that means that I might earn a little fee. If you use my links.

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Find the Travel Resources You Need to get your travel started

The Essentials

Travel Activities

Are you the adventurous type or do you like a more relaxed approach to your holiday? My go-to website for booking travel activities are Klook and Viator.

Travel Money

To avoid bank charges and unnecessary expenses when you travel, it is best to sort your travel money before you travel, I use a travel card called Currensea which is a debit card that will be deducted from your bank account, If you need cash, head to John Lewis Travel Money shop.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance gives you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your holidays properly. Affordable travel insurance is even better for when unforeseen situations happen. My trusted travel insurance companies are Coverwise and Alpha Travel Insurance.

Travel Activities

1. Get Your Guide

Get Your Guide is one of the best websites to book travel activities.

2. Viator

Viator is amazing for booking your most adventurous activity when you are on holiday.

Travel Money


Currensea is the first direct debit travel card you can use when you travel. It is such a brilliant card that helps you save money because it offers wholesale rates.

John Lewis

John Lewis Travel money has been my go to shop to get travel money whenever I'm travelling. I have found their rates to be competitive as well as the ease of getting any currency you want.

Travel Insurance

Cover wise

Coverwise is one of the most affordable travel insurance cover in the UK. They truly create the peace of mind you deserve when you are going on holiday.

Alpha Travel Insurance

Alpha Travel Insurance is great for low-cost holidays. They also provide holiday extension cover. If you wish to extend your holiday, just get an alpha travel insurance.

Travel Souvenirs


Esty has the best marketplace for personalised travel favours and gifts

The Body Shop

Every traveller loves product from the Body Shop. From refreshing face masks to travel sized hand cream, you can't go wrong with gifting a Body shop product to friends.

Nice to have Travel Resources

Travel Clothes and Shoes

Comfort is the key when you need to travel. If you are looking for comfy clothes and shoes, check out Sian Marie and Blue Tomato.

Airport Parking

When it’s time for family holidays, you might wish to park your car at the airport. I have found Holiday Extras with last-minute airport parking deals. If you prefer to book directly with the airports, I have links for Liverpool Airport Parking, Bristol Airport Parking, Luton Airport Parking, Meet & Greet Manchester, Park and Ride Manchester.


Travel Wifi

Do you need to stay connected when you travel? Portable travel Wi-Fi devices are one of the best travel resource to take with you.



  1. TripIt: Keep all your travel plans organized in one place, including flights, accommodations, and activities. It automatically creates a master itinerary for you.

  2. Google Maps: Navigate through unfamiliar cities, find the best routes, and discover nearby attractions, restaurants, and more.

  3. Airbnb: Find unique accommodations and experience local hospitality with this popular app. From cozy apartments to stunning villas, Airbnb offers a variety of options to suit your preferences.

  4. Duolingo: Learn the basics of a new language before you travel. Duolingo offers fun and interactive lessons that will help you communicate better with locals.

  5. Skyscanner: Search and compare flights, hotels, and car rentals to find the best deals. It also provides price alerts and flexible date options for budget-friendly travel planning.

  6. TripAdvisor: Get access to millions of reviews, photos, and recommendations for hotels, restaurants, attractions, and more. It’s a great tool for finding hidden gems and avoiding tourist traps.

  7. XE Currency: Stay updated with the latest exchange rates and easily convert currencies. It’s a handy app to help you manage your travel budget.

  8. PackPoint: Never forget to pack essential items again. PackPoint creates customized packing lists based on your destination, travel dates, and activities.

  9. LoungeBuddy: Make the most of your layovers by finding and accessing airport lounges around the world. Enjoy comfortable seating, complimentary food, and other amenities.

  10. TripScout: Discover curated city guides and offline maps that provide insider tips and local recommendations. It’s like having a personal tour guide in your pocket.

Download these travel apps and embark on your next adventure with confidence and convenience! ✈️📱🌍 #TravelApps #Wanderlust #ExploreTheWorld #TravelSmart

  • When embarking on a journey, there are several essential travel resources you should have to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. Here are some must-have resources:

    1. Travel Documents: Carry your passport, visas, and any other necessary identification or permits for the countries you plan to visit. Make sure to have both physical and digital copies in case of loss or theft.

    2. Travel Insurance: Protect yourself against unexpected events like medical emergencies, trip cancellations, or lost luggage. Purchase comprehensive travel insurance that suits your needs.

    3. Local Maps and Guidebooks: Carry maps and guidebooks of your destination to navigate unfamiliar streets, discover attractions, and learn about the local culture. Alternatively, you can use map apps on your smartphone.

    4. Language Resources: Depending on your destination, it can be helpful to have language resources such as phrasebooks, translation apps, or language learning tools to bridge communication gaps.

    5. Money and Banking: Carry enough cash in the local currency for immediate expenses upon arrival. Additionally, have a credit or debit card with international acceptance and notify your bank about your travel plans to avoid any issues with your card abroad.

    6. Transportation Resources: Research transportation options at your destination, including public transportation schedules, rental car services, and local taxi or rideshare apps. Having these resources at hand will make it easier to get around.

    7. Accommodation Information: Keep the details of your accommodations, including confirmation emails, addresses, and contact information readily accessible. This will help you check-in smoothly and provide information to taxi drivers if needed.

    8. Health and Safety Information: Familiarize yourself with any health advisories, vaccination requirements, and safety tips for your destination. Check government travel websites for the latest updates and register with your country’s embassy or consulate.

    9. Travel Apps: Download useful travel apps, as mentioned earlier, to assist you with everything from itinerary organization and navigation to translation and finding local recommendations.

    10. Emergency Contacts: Keep a list of emergency contact numbers, including your country’s embassy or consulate, local emergency services, and any important contacts you may need during your trip.

    Remember to keep these essential travel resources organized and easily accessible throughout your journey. Safe travels! ✈️🌍🧳 #TravelResources #EssentialsForTravel #ExploreWithConfidence

Deciding whether to use a travel agent or plan your trip yourself depends on your personal preferences, available time, travel experience, and the complexity of your trip. Here are some factors to consider:

Benefits of using a travel agent:

  1. Expertise and Knowledge: Travel agents have extensive knowledge of various destinations, travel options, and industry trends. They can offer valuable insights, recommendations, and insider tips to enhance your travel experience.

  2. Time-Saving: Planning a trip can be time-consuming, especially when researching and booking various components like flights, accommodations, and activities. Travel agents can handle these tasks on your behalf, saving you time and effort.

  3. Personalized Service: Travel agents work closely with you to understand your preferences, interests, and budget. They can customize your itinerary to suit your specific needs and provide a more personalized travel experience.

  4. Access to Resources and Deals: Travel agents often have access to discounted rates, exclusive deals, and special promotions that may not be available to the general public. They can help you find the best value for your money.

  5. Assistance and Support: Travel agents act as a point of contact before, during, and after your trip. They can provide support, address any concerns or issues, and help with rebooking or making changes if needed.

Benefits of planning your trip yourself:

  1. Flexibility and Control: Planning your trip yourself allows you to have full control over every aspect of your itinerary. You can tailor it to your specific preferences, make changes on the go, and have the flexibility to explore new opportunities.

  2. Cost Savings: Planning your trip yourself gives you the freedom to search for the best deals and compare prices across various platforms. You can take advantage of budget accommodations, flights, and activities that suit your preferences.

  3. Learning Experience: Planning your trip can be a learning experience, allowing you to research and discover more about your destination. It can be an opportunity to gain knowledge, explore different options, and enhance your travel planning skills.

  4. Personalized Exploration: Planning your own trip enables you to create a unique itinerary based on your interests and travel style. You can choose activities, attractions, and accommodations that align with your preferences, ensuring a more personalized experience.

Ultimately, the choice between using a travel agent or planning your trip yourself depends on your individual needs, preferences, and comfort level. If you have limited time, prefer guidance and expertise, or are planning a complex trip, a travel agent can be a valuable resource. However, if you enjoy the process of researching, organizing, and customizing your travel experience, planning your trip yourself can offer flexibility and a sense of accomplishment. At 13 Weeks Travel, we can create a bespoke travel experience for you at a discount. Contact us today.



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