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Top 1o UK Luxury Travel Blogs

Are you in search of travel inspiration even though we can’t travel now? These Top 10 UK Luxury Travel Blogs have been motivating and satisfying the wanderlust dreams for readers like you all over the world. We all know how difficult it is to keep talking about travel when we know that travel is not possible but not everyone wants to keep listening to the sad news we have around us.

Even though these top 10 UK luxury travel blogs have not be promoting travel, they have been helping travel lovers dream of the time we can all travel again.

Top 10 UK Luxury Travel Bloga

Here is a list of the top 10 UK luxury travel blogs according to Feedspot.

  1. A Luxury Travel Blog
  2. Inside the travel Lab
  3. The Luxury Editor
  4. The Travelista
  5. The Travel Hack
  6. The Bon Vivant Journal
  7. 13 Weeks Travel
  8. Silverspoon London
  9. Luxury Columnist
  10. Mrs O Around the world.

What is Luxury Travel?

Luxury Travel means different things to different people. For some people, luxury travel means enjoying the finer things in life, some believe luxury travel is about the experiences with the people and the place. Some argue that travelling as a whole is a luxury. While I agree that travelling is a luxury in itself, I believe luxury travel is about the elegance, the personalised service, the time to let go and truly immerse oneself into experiencing the destination, the culture and the warmth in an unprecedented way.

The quotes travelling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer resonates with my values and I believe the benefits of travelling far outweighs the disadvantages of travelling.

Luxury Hotels

Top 10 UK Luxury Travel Blogs 2020 – Brief Introduction

#1. A Luxury Travel Blog

Top 10 UK Luxury Travel Blogs

The first on the list is A Luxury Travel Blog run by Paul Johnson. A Luxury Travel Blog is for business luxury travellers and covers luxury travel news and trends. Paul Johnson has a huge following on social media and offers travel writers a chance to write for his blog. With Paul’s blog, you don’t feel that personal touch because a number of the writers are faceless with no link to their website. Most readers want to get to know the author and empathise with their adventure which is not an option with this blog. I’m a regular reader of Paul’s blog and I find it very informative.

#2 Inside the Travel Lab

Top 10 UK Luxury Travel Blogs

Inside the Travel Lab blog is a luxury travel blog for responsible travellers who want to experience the people, the place and sights of various destinations. Inside the travel lab is written by Abigail King. The best thing about Inside the Travel Lab blog is the fact that Abi writes her content from her experience of the places she has visited. I enjoy reading thought provoking stories about her travels and insider’s tips for a good travel experience.

#3. The Luxury Editor

Top 10 UK Luxury Travel Blog

The Luxury Editor is run by Chinmoy Lad. A millennial using the power of social media to reach many of his clients. The Luxury Editor covers the best insight into Luxury accommodations including hotels, villas and  resorts that Chinmoy and his team have experienced personally. It also covers lifestyle for those who love their automobiles and property and spa. The favourite thing I love to read on The Luxury Editor is the in-depth hotel reviews.

#4. The Travelista

Top 10 UK Luxury Travel Blog 2020

The Travelista is a travel and motherhood blog run by Jess Gibson. Jess blog has evolved with her life as she now incorporates writing about motherhood as well as her travel escapes. 

I enjoy reading her city guides and cultural trip.

#5 The Travel Hack

Luxury travel blog

The Travel Hack is an adventurous and stylist blog by Monica Stott.

#6 The Bon Vivant Journal

Top 10 UK luxury Travel Blog

The Bon Vivant Journal is run by Emyr. It covers every top bar and gourmet places around the world. I enjoy reading about dining at the best restaurants in the destination  I intend to visit.

#7 13 Weeks Travel

13 Weeks Travel | Top UK Luxury Travel Blog

Yes, that’s me. I feel honoured to have been included in the top 10 UK Luxury Travel blogs. I blog about the best family holiday at luxurious destinations in Africa, Europe and The Middle East.

My blog focuses on the complete meaningful experiences for family travel.

#8 Silverspoon London

Top 10 UK Luxury Travel Blog 2020

Silverspoon is a lifestyle and travel blog run by Angie. It covers London and travels to top destinations across the world. Since Angie became a mum, she has advanced into blogging about travelling with a baby and she shares travel tips on baby essentials for travel.

#9 Luxury Columnist

Top 10 UK Luxury Travel Blog