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Queen Victoria’s House, Isle of Wight is the perfect place to go to for a UK staycation, a weekend away with Dorset Hideaways or day-out in the UK. Isle of Wight was the traditional holiday destination for UK holiday makers and stills holds such sweet memories for many UK families.  Today, many visit Isle of Wight to see and do many things including visiting Osborne House – Queen Victoria’s House, Isle of Wight.

Queen Victoria, the grandmother of Europe, was a very fascinating Queen with many titles. Not only was she one of the longest ruling Queens in England, she also presided over an empire where the sun never set. From the East to the West, she ruled over her Empire meticulously. Although she never travelled out of Europe, she was in love with India as the Empress of India. We can see the evidence of her love for Indian architecture at Osborne House – Queen Victoria’s House in the Isle of Wight.

Queen Victoria’s house Isle of Wight is the closest glimpse you will get into how the grandmother of Europe lived and how she spent as much time as possible at Osborne House with her husband, Prince Albert and her nine royal children.

Don’t worry this is not a history lesson, but this is about the reasons why you will love Osborne House – Queen Victoria’s house Isle of Wight and why you should visit Queen Victoria’s House Isle of Wight.

5 Reasons why I love Queen Victoria's house Isle of Wight

Queen Victoria loved the Isle of Wight and was in search of a summer home for a while, then she found a piece of land with a tiny cottage on it, she demolished it and built this magnificent house. Queen Victoria’s house on the Isle of Wight became her beloved holiday seaside home. She lived here with her husband Prince Albert and her nine children. The beauty of the palace still stands today.

Queen Victoria’s House Isle of Wight is called Osborne House because the area where Osborne House is located has been known as Osborne named after an oyster bed. 

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert built Osborne House as their private residence, it was different from Buckingham Palace which was their official residence. Osborne House was constructed by Architect Thomas Cubitt (the London builder and develper of Belgravia) between 1845 and 1851 and the landscaping and design was the pride and joy of Prince Albert himself. Osborne House was funded by the private purse of Queen Victoria so it isn’t part of the Crown’s Estate.

Queen Victoria's House Isle of Wight

How to get to Queen Victoria’s House, Isle of Wight. 

Driving with your family and friends to Queen Victoria’s House, Isle of Wight is easy. Drive down to Southampton, grab a Wightlink ferry and in less than 45 minutes, you would have arrived on this charming Island called Isle of Wight (Cowes). 

The Wightlink offers free train ride for children during the school holidays. That’s a great saving for you if you consider to visit during the school holiday.

The drive to East Cowes where Queen Victoria’s House Isle of Wight is takes about 25 minutes from the port. 


Entry at Queen Victoria’s House, Isle of Wight

The parking at Osborne house is free and spacious. You will need to pick and choose where you want to pack. 

You can visit Osborne House daily from 10 am to 4 pm  and it costs £18.50 for adults and £11.10 for children. If you have a National trust card, then it is free entry.

It was a complementary entry for me because my UK Bank card gives me free entry to all English Heritage maintained sites. That’s over 400 historic monuments, buildings and sites. 

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Key to the Queen Victoria’s House Isle of Wight.


As you approach Queen Victoria’s House Isle of Wight, you will find expansive parking spaces.

Petty Officers’ Quarters


Queen Victoria's House Isle of Wight

A short work North from the parking area is the Petty Officer’s quarters, here is where you will pay for admission, guidebook and souvenirs if you wish to buy one.

Within the Petty Officer’s Quarters, you will find a shop for soups, sandwiches and light snacks. There is access for wheel chair users.

House Entrance

Queen Victoria's House Isle of Wight