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How to Travel to Africa Egyptian Statues

Africa, my Motherland has 54 countries, all different and diverse in unique ways. Tourism in Africa is beginning to thrive in many countries and If you are looking to travel to Africa, this post will give you the best tips on how to travel to Africa, the best time to visit some countries in Africa and the required shots for travel to Africa.

Africa is a beautiful continent with diverse landscapes, beautiful scenery and breathtaking views. Depending on the country you wish to visit, you will need to take precaution, get the required shots for your travel and figure out the best ways to travel around Africa.

You might be fascinated with the continent Africa, the stories, the people and the safari adventures and you might be wondering if it is safe to travel to Africa or what documents you might need to travel to Africa or what the required shots are for your travels to Africa. I hope to provide the ultimate guide on how to travel to Africa with this post.

3 Best ways to travel to Africa 

There are 3 best ways to travel to Africa. They are by air, by ferry and by land.

How to travel to Africa by air

Flights to Africa takes from 3 hours to countries like Morocco to about 11 hours when you are travelling directly to Mauritius from the UK. The good news is as the tourism interest in Africa grows, more airlines are flying directly to some African countries. This makes travelling to Africa more accessible and enjoyable. Here is a list of airlines travelling directly to African Countries from The UK and Europe.


How to travel to Africa Penguins on the beach in South Africa

List of Direct Flights to African Countries

Direct flights to Africa from the UK


Average Cost of flights 

South Africa

There are direct flights from the UK to two cities in South Africa. Cape Town and Johannesburg. 

Virgin Atlantic Airways

British Airways

South African Airways

10 hours 45 minutes

10 hours 50 minutes

11 hours 10 minutes

from £500 per person for return flights


Unfortunately, there are no direct flights to Uganda from the UK. British Airways stopped its direct flights to Entebbe in 2015.

However, these flights have one stopover from London to Entebbe.

Kenya Airways


Qatar Airways

Turkish Airlines

KLM Flights

Ethiopian Airlines

Egypt Air

10 hours 45 minutes

10 hours 50 minutes

11 hours 10 minutes

from £450 per person for return flights


If you want to fly directly to Seychelles, you have to endure the the 10 hours and 15 minutes.

British Airways

10 hours 15 minutes

from £550 per person for return flights


There are several flights that frequent Morocco daily. There are direct flights from London to six destinations in Morocco. Casablanca, Agadir, Fes, Essaouira, Tangiers and Marrakesh. 

British Airways

Easy Jet Flights

Ryanair Flights

Tui Flights

All fly directly to Marrakesh.

3 hours 40 minutes

from £150 per person for return flights


There are direct flights from the UK to three destinations in Egypt. They are Cairo, Hurghada and Luxor.

British Airways


4 hours 30 minutes

from £150 per person for return flights


Direct flights to Mauritius takes almost 12 hours.

British Airways

11 hours 55 minutes

from £550 per person for return flights


There are direct flights to Accra, Ghana from the UK.

British Airways

Virgin Atlantic Airways

6 hours 35 minutes

from £550 per person for return flights


There are direct flights from the UK to Banjul.

Tui Flights

6 hours 20 minutes

from £550 per person for return flights


There are direct flights to Tunisia from the UK to Enfidha and Tunis.

British Airways

Easy Jet

4 hours 15 minutes

from £250 per person for return flights

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How to travel to Africa by Ferry

It is possible to travel to Africa by ferry. To travel to Africa using the ferry, you will need to take the ferry from Spain to Morocco. The most popular ferry route is from Algeciras to the port of Tangier. This takes about 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours 30 minutes. The service is frequent and up to 25 services a day.

Another route is for you to head to Motril in Spain. Take the ferry services from Motril to Al Hoceima. From here, a 2 hour drive will get you to Fes and a further 6 hour drive will get you to Casablanca.

How to Travel to Africa by Land. 

The most popular route to Africa by land is through Spain. Take a bus for Cordoba Central in Spain to Casablanca, Morocco. The bus takes 14 hours and runs a 6 times a week service for between £50 and £60.

The other option of travelling to Africa by land is through Israel to Egypt. I will strongly recommend a tour for this route however, if you are up to it, take a bus from Jerusalem Central Bus Station to Cairo. The journey will take you up to 10 hours, but the scenery by the Gaza Strip and the East Mediterranean will make it a memorable journey to have.


How to Travel to Africa South African coast 1024x576 1

How to Travel around Africa

When planning your holiday to Africa, consider how you will travel around Africa when you arrive there. 

There are 7 ways to travel around Africa with the means of transportation around countries in Africa developing rapidly.

  1. Uber

  2. Buses – Baz Bus, ABC Coach West Africa, Coast Bus

  3. Private Hire cars

  4. Mini Vans

  5. Ferry

  6. Safari Tours

  7. Public Buses


Is there Uber in Africa?

Yes,  Uber is available in 8 countries in Africa.

Here is a list of countries in Africa where Uber operates.

  • Uber in Egypt

  • Uber in Ghana

  • Uber in Kenya

  • Uber in Morocco

  • Uber in Nigeria

  • Uber in South Africa

  • Uber in Tanzania

  • Uber in Uganda

Uber operates in 23 cities across Africa.

Here is a list of cities in Africa where Uber operates.

In Egypt:

  • Alexandria 

  • Cairo

  • Canal Cities

  • Demietta

  • Delta

  • Hurghada

  • Mansoura

  • Zagazig

In Ghana:

  • Accra

  • Kumasi

In Kenya:

  • Mombasa

  • Nairobi

In Morocco:

  • Casablanca

In Nigeria

  • Abuja

  • Lagos

  • Benin City

In South Africa:

  • Cape Town

  • Durban

  • East London

  • Johannesburg and Pretoria

  • Port Elizabeth

In Tanzania:

  • Dar Es Salaam

In Uganda:

  • Kampala


Buses in Africa are called mini buses or coaches depending on which country you are travelling in. The mini buses or coaches are the preferred means of transportation between cities in Africa.

In South Africa, The Baz Bus is the most popular bus company offering Hop on and hop off services, Kruger Safari Tours and Travel Passes from Cape Town to Johannesburg and vice versa, Cape Town to Port Elizabeth and vice versa, Cape Town to Durban and vice versa.

The Baz Bus company uses mini buses with the capacity of 20 people. There are scheduled overnight stops in Port Elizabeth and Durban. Consider travelling in the low season for the best price and spaces in the buses. Although the Baz Buses are fantastic for all age ranges, they are most suited for the under 50 years old, solo travellers, couples and families with tweens and teenagers.

In Nigeria, the ABC Transport company is the most popular and safe way to travel across cities in Nigeria and West Africa. The ABC Transport Company offers services between cities in Nigeria and West Africa. You can get a coach from Lagos to Lome in Togo, Lagos to Accra in Ghana, Lagos to Cotonou in Benin.

In Kenya, the Coast Bus operated by Coastline Safaris provide services from Nairobi to Mombasa daily, from Mombasa to Kisumu daily, from Mombasa to Kitui daily. Check Buupass for the best way to book bus tickets in East Africa.

How to Travel to Africa White buses

Private Car Hire

Using a private car hire is the most convenient way for families  to travel around Africa. Although it costs more, you will be paying for the flexibility it gives you to make the best use of your time.


The minivans are the cheapest ways to explore when you are in Africa. The load times are not static or specific, there are usually long waiting times and expect you opt to pay for an empty seat, you might be sitting and waiting for a minivan to load the last person for 2 hours.


Ferry rides are convenient and reasonably priced ways to explore different parts of Africa. For example, I took a ferry from Des de Saalam, Tanzania to  Stone Town, Zanzibar.  It was a 2 hour ride. The ferry consisted of seats in different classes – The Royal class, the VIP class, the Business class and the Economy class. The fare was between $60 and $35 per person.

Safari Tours

There are several Safari Tours in many Africa countries. My top tour company for the best experience of Africa is Exodus.

Exodus have perfected the act the Safari travel and they have the best local and knowledgeable tour guides for Safari tours. They are great for:

  • Family adventure lovers
  • Extended families and multi-generational travel
  • Group travel experience
  • Option for private adventure option.
  • Local experts tour leaders
  • Wildlife Safari breaks

Public buses

I will recommend the public buses as the last resorts when exploring Africa. They are fantastic experiences but the noise and the number of people they take in a 20 – seat bus makes it a big no from me.

How to travel to Africa 2 white chairs on the beach with a green palm tree

List of Required Shots for Africa Travel

  • Hepatitis A – Adults

  • Yellow Fever Vaccinations

  • Typhoid

  • Tetanus, Diphtherias & Polio

  • Rabies

  • Meningitis ACWY

  • Hepatitis B

In some African countries, they will refuse you entry if you don’t have the required health certificate. Ensure you book a visit to your travel clinic in quality time to ensure it fully protects you to enjoy your travels in Africa.

Top Health Tips for Africa Travel

Here are some top health tips you will need for your travel to Africa. Preparation is key when you are planning your travel to any part of Africa. Here are 7 important things you will need for your travel to Africa.

  1. Sun Protection: Temperatures in countries in Africa vary and can rise to about 52 degrees Celsius. Take sun protection accessories like sun-glasses, sun hats and light long-sleeved clothing.

  2. Antimalarial Medication: Antimalarial medication is used to prevent and treat Malaria. Visit a travel clinic in wonderful time before you travel and follow the recommended dose and the cause of antimalarial treatment.

  3. First Aid Kit: Take a first aid essential kit that will have products like hand sanitisers, alcohol swabs, iodine wipes, hydrocortisone, antibiotic ointment, antihistamines, digital thermometer, latex gloves, bandages, paracetamol and lip balm.

  4. Yellow Fever Vaccination: Yellow Fever is a serious infection spread by mosquito. I recommend a Yellow Fever vaccine for people from 9 months of age who are travelling to countries in Africa where Yellow Fever is found and to countries in Africa where Yellow Fever vaccination certificate is required. Get a Yellow Fever Vaccine at least 10 days before you travel to allow enough time for the vaccine to work.

  5. Water-borne Conditions: Take care to avoid food and water-borne conditions such as stomach upsets and traveller’s diarrhoea. To prevent Water-borne illness, take drinks served in unopened, factory-produced cans or bottles. Avoid food prone to contamination such as salads, uncooked fruits and vegetables and food exposed to flies.

  6. Clothing – Wear light breathable fabrics and long-sleeved comfortable clothing.

  7. Footwear: Pack sturdy shoes for walking and breathable shoes like sandals and flip-flop.

 How to travel to Africa: Final thoughts

Make your travel to Africa a memorable one. Take the required shots for Africa travel to maintain your health and research your destination before you go.

The people of Africa are friendly, support their local community if you can, be generous with tips, respect their culture, language and customary, leave footprints and not graffiti. Enjoy your travel to Africa!

If you have questions about travelling to Africa, please ask in the comments, I will try my best to answer them and if you have travelled to Africa, please share your experience with me in the comments.



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  1. This is an amazingly informative post. I have only been to Mauritius till now. I was supposed to go to Morocco last year which got cancelled for some reason. I would love to spend more time visiting the countries and going on safaris. I was also supposed to go to Seychelles which I couldn’t unfortunately. I need to plan for them again.

    • Oh, I hope you finally make it to an African Safari or to Seychelles. Such gorgeous places.

  2. Now, this is a useful guide for travelling to Africa! I love taking ferries and Tanzania to Zanzibar connection sounds really interesting, I’m already designing a trip in my head heh… Also, thanks for sharing those bus companies, sometimes it can be difficult to find good and reliable ones.

    • Yes, you are right. When visiting a new country in Africa, it is always better to go with recommended bus companies and services. It helps you feel safe.

  3. I’ve visited Africa only once (Egypt), and it was fairly easy to travel to. I live in India, and I just hopped on a flight to Abu Dhabi and then Cairo.

    I was planning my next trip to South Africa when the lockdown hit and I don’t know when I will visit there again 🙁

    • It’s great you have had the chance to visit Africa. When you are planning your next visit to South Africa, get back to travel about the best way to travel to Africa.

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    • Thanks, Parnashree. It is always useful to know which countries have Uber for ease of movement. I am glad you found this post on how to travel to Africa useful.

  5. This is an incredibly helpful post! I am planning a trip to Africa and this will definitly come in handy. The list of required vaccinations is great, I will keep that handy and make sure that I get everything that I need to be traveling. I would hate to be turned away for not having the proper documentation. I appreciate the list of where Ubers are active as well, it will be useful for determining how to get around the country. A safari is a must (obviously!) so I will have to look in to Exodus to find one that will work for me and my daughter. This post is making me more excited about my trip and more prepared!

    • I am excited for you too. Africa is such a beautiful continent that I feel we need to amplify more about. Exodus Travels are absolutely fantastic and you can check them out here.

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    • Thank you Jenn. I hope this post on how to travel to Africa helps your planning further.

    • The top African tourist destinations will be a great start for you to start your planning to Africa. If you feel you would rather go with a company, Exodus Travel is my recommended company. You can check them out here.

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    • Thank you Habib. I am an expert on Africa travel and wanted to make sure you all get the best available information.

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    • Thank you, Jerry. Yes, Mauritius and Seychelles are part of Africa and they are part of the most desirable places to visit in Africa.

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    • Thank you. I’m so glad you found this guide useful and yes, although I love all-inclusive holidays to some countries in Africa, Nothing beats exploring the culture and the sights outside the hotel. Africa is also getting easier to explore.

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    • Visiting Morocco from Spain is very popular, the ferry rides are frequent and with a short drive, you get to explore amazing areas in Morocco. You are right, Uber provides that alternative when public options are not readily available. The company I recommended for Safari Adventures is called Exodus and you can check them out here.

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    • I hope you enjoyed your holiday to Morocco and Tunisia. They are both popular destinations o visit. If you are deciding on going on Safari. it is a great idea to start with Rwanda. It is an off the beaten path destination and the cost is less cheaper than the other countries.

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    I’ve only been to Johannesburg once and I loved it. My sister’s husband is from there so I had the privilege of visiting the less tourisy places. The people were friendly and learnt much about the culture!

    I would love to go again, maybe you could share abit on a hiking trip for friends to enjoy safely?

    I know South Africa has really amazing views, I’d love to enjoy the nature there soon.


    • Thank you Sam. You are lucky you have family from South Africa. I will definitely be brewing up a post on a hiking trip in Africa.

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    • Thank you Phil. I must admit, I am passionate about Africa and I love to share information on how to travel safely around Africa. Yes, you’re right, there are some parts of Africa where you won’t want Uber because of the culture.

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    • That’s great. French is the second most popular language in Africa after Arabic. You will be spoilt for choice on which French-speaking country you should visit. If you need any help, let me know and I will be happy to help.

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    I just have one concern. Do all African countries require the vaccinations? I am extremely allergic to certain components of vaccinations and I may get some bad and even dangerous reactions to them … When I was a baby, the doctor told my mother to stop all vaccinations because of my extreme reactions, so now as an adult, I am worried about that. What can I do in this case? Few doctors believe me, but the allergies are very real …

    • I’m sorry to hear about your Allergies. Not all African countries require vaccinations. Countries like Morocco and Egypt do not require vaccinations. Check out my post on the best family holiday to Africa and Health tips to Africa. It explains which countries need Vaccinations.

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