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One of the top things to consider when going on holiday is the travel shoes you intend to take with you, especially as a woman. If you are anything like me, you want to match every outfit with a lovely pair of comfortable shoes, then you will want to read this guide of the best travel shoes for women.

Selecting the right shoes is very important for travelling. This is because you don’t want a situation where your shoe disappoints you, bringing pain and untold discomfort. For baggage space reasons, I highly encouraged you to travel light so there is no need to come with all the shoes you have (well, we shall discuss the number of shoes to bring later on in this post). With that said, let’s look at the best travelling shoes for women and important factors to consider when picking one.


What to Consider When Buying the Best Travel Shoes Women

There are some important factors to consider when you want to buy the best travel shoes for women. Choosing your female footwear goes beyond buying an impressive shoe for the sake of it. Consider the weather of the destination you wish to visit, your planned itineraries and how comfortable the shoe will be for.

How then do you ensure you are making the right choice of female shoes for your trip? It is good to prepare well, and these are some key factors to consider as you shop for women’s travelling shoes.


One of the first things to put into consideration for a well-planned trip is the price, as your budget goes a long way to determine how your trip would look like. This factor doesn’t just cover the flight tickets, and the same goes for travelling shoes. Before buying a travelling shoe, always check the price and go for one within your budget, something you can afford. While it is true, that quality female shoes usually cost more, you can still get quality shoes for a decent amount of money without spending all you have.

If your budget is small, don’t just rush to buy travel shoes that are cheaper, but try balancing the price, the quality, and also how comfortable it makes you feel. It is absurd to get cheaper shoes that end up feeling uncomfortable when you wear them. Therefore, take your time to find out how comfortable the female travel footwear you want to purchase will be. It would be better to invest more cash on your shoes than buying cheaper ones that will bring you discomfort.


Women and fashion are inseparable, hence the need to choose travel shoes that fit your style. If you really care about how fashionable your outfit should be, then you should consider the style of shoes to choose. Not really that important, however, style is a factor to check if you plan visiting major cities and also plan to have some fine dining in decent restaurants. You want something classy, something chic.

As funny as it sounds, there are some travel footwear for women that are great in style but not very practical. You shouldn’t fuss over style when your comfort is more important, especially when you plan hiking or doing other adventurous activities. Even though comfort and practicability are the most important factors in selecting travel shoes for women, you can still try to find a decent balance between style and comfort.


As you go on holidays, will you be hiking, visiting monumental sites, and exploring the city or you plan to spend most of your stay indoors or at restaurants? Your choice of travelling shoes depends on what your plans are; hence pick travel shoes that will serve the purpose better.

It makes little sense to go hiking with high heels or any other type of related footwear. Hiking could get tough on your legs, and your footwear should be able to protect your feet from pains and discomfort that come along with it. The paths and trails are mostly rocky and rigid too, therefore it is important to invest in good hiking boots if your purpose of travelling involves mountaineering.

Women travel for different reasons and visit different places too. If your travel destination is in Europe, then you are more likely to walk for about 2 miles, visit museums, and for this reason, it would be a great idea to consider walking shoes that would provide a great level of comfort in Europe. This is because there would be a lot of walking and standing too. Does your trip consist more of hiking and tough outdoor activities? If yes, then hiking boots would be worth your investment.

Similarly, if you are visiting a place with lots of temples or holy sites, it would be better to wear something you can easily pull without stress because I mostly visited such holy sites without shoes. The same goes for some traditional restaurants, hotels, homes, and other places in some Asian countries like Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, and others. The stress of lacing and unlacing, buckling, and unbuckling can become unbearable during such vacations, hence it is better to come along with footwear that you can easily remove.

Still on the purpose of your trip, when visiting famous cities in Spain like Barcelona, Valencia, and Madrid, it would be great to come along with cute shoes that are good enough for walking on cobblestones and the paved streets in these cities. However, such shoes won’t do much good if you plan to join trekkers through the astonishing jungles of Sumatra and other trekking destinations you plan to tour. For such tough terrains, durable hiking boots would serve better.


Similar to style, the brand of women’s shoes also matters, Meghan Markle and other celebrities have made the brand of women’s travel shoes more popular. Some popular travel shoe brands out there include:

  1. Vans
  2. Nike
  3. DC
  4. Etnies
  5. Adidas Originals
  6. Globe
  7. Fila
  8. Allbirds


Make sure you consider comfort when choosing your shoe brand. This is very important, and should always be the number one factor to look out for in a shoe brand. Vans and Allbirds travel shoes are known for producing comfortable travel shoes for women, and such brands should top your list. This is because you need comfortable shoes to wear throughout the day and anytime you need them. A shoe causing you discomfort does no good since it can ruin not just your day, but your whole holidays!


After choosing a couple of brands for women’s travel shoes that offer top-notch comfort, trim down your list a little by using durability as a yardstick. Yes, go for durable women’s travel shoes because it makes little sense to get comfortable shoes that would wear and tear just after a few outings with them.


As you pick a female shoe, don’t just get carried away by how adorable the shoe appears, ensure you check for something deeper, something durable. Go for Adidas Originals brands that offer study shoes and use high-quality materials for their women’s travel shoes. Properly check the material and also check the sewing. These will tell and strongly show how durable your travel shoe will be.


As you search for a brand, have this at the back of your mind that the best travel shoes for women should withstand harsh weather and tough terrains. And maintain their shape and structure after hiking, walking, and any other activities done with them.


You must have heard about the phrase ‘stinky feet. It can be very embarrassing to perceive a foul smell whenever you remove your shoes, and the embarrassment could get bigger when others are around. Smelly feet are something you should avoid at all costs, especially when visiting Japan, Vietnam, Thailand and some other Asian countries where you have to take off your shoes before you may enter temples, restaurants, and even some hotels. Do not let this freak you out, all hope is not lost! Luckily enough, there are exceptional travel shoe brands that produce footwear with anti-bacterial features which help reduces smells to the barest minimum. Does your favourite brand offer such anti-bacterial qualities?


Best Travel Walking Shoes for Women

We have talked a bit about key factors to consider when choosing a travel shoe for your vacation, it’s time to bring up some notable suggestions you can try out. As you travel, there is plenty of walking to do, and you need a pair of comfortable shoes with solid support and outstanding quality too. Here are some of the best shoes that will serve this purpose.


  • Skechers Performance Go Walk 3

This footwear is great because it provides comfort as you walk, especially because of the memory foam footbed which offers cushioning effects for your feet when sightseeing. The downside is that with time; the foam degrades, slowly reducing the level of comfort it offers.

  • Allbirds Tree Skippers

Cute and comfortable, the Allbirds tree skippers is an excellent choice of walking shoes for women on holidays. They fit with almost anything you put on, be it jeans, leggings, and shorts too. They are lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about extra load as you travel. However, the shoes could make your feet sweat when the weather is boiling, but this shouldn’t be a big deal because they won’t make your feet smell.


Best Travel Hiking Shoes For Women

Do you love hiking and want some adventure? If yes, then don’t just come along with your backpack, but also bring your hiking shoes. Here is one of the best female shoes that will ensure your hiking is tremendous.


  • Altra Lone Peak Trail Runners

When you hear of hiking boots, what comes to your mind is probably something heavy, but that’s not the case with trail runners! In terms of design, they sit between your regular sneakers and the heavy hiking boots you know. What makes them good for women is that they are light as sneakers, but still have the tough grip that hiking boots offer. However, the soles of these lightweight hiking shoes have little grip like a typical hiking boot, and they don’t last long as compared to typical hiking boots.


Best Travel Sandals For Women

If you just love sandals or the occasion calls for it, we’ve got your back. Picking sandals for your trip shouldn’t be a big deal, and here are some of the best travel sandals for women.


  • Teva Capri Sandals

Made of quality leather, the Teva sandals are very durable, and cute too! Designed to withstand water and other elements, you can always count on the Teva Capri sandals for your holidays abroad. Even though it is strong enough for hiking, one downside of this travel sandal for women is that it is smaller, and the tight grip it has on your feet can cause tan lines.


  • Born Tusayan Sandals

Great sandals for cities, the Born Tusayan Sandals are designed with a flat sole which is very thick and padded, providing the cushion effect your feet need against the hard paved streets of the city. They come in different lovely colours, but are not suitable for outdoor activities or hiking.


Best Comfortable Travel Shoes For Women

Comfort should be your topmost consideration because it doesn’t make much sense to spend an immense sum of money on a classy shoe that feels uncomfortable with you. This is because wearing comfortable shoes won’t make you feel tired even when you walk for a long distance.


Sometimes style and brand can get be confusing that you simply want something easy, something that brings comfort. If that is the case, then you don’t have to worry. Without wasting time, this is one of the top comfortable shoes women would love to travel with.


  • Ollio Faux Suede Ballet Flats

These shoes are very comfortable and flexible, making it possible for you to do things freely, and you can comfortably jump on the back of your man with them!


Though simple in appearance, they look very cute and fit almost all occasions, and go well with most dresses. You can walk hundreds of miles with them without feeling a single pain. However, they get dirty easily, so it isn’t advisable to walk in dusty areas with them.


Lightweight Travel Shoes For Women

Are you bothered about stuffing too many items in your travelling bag? Do you want to travel light, without bringing shoes that will make your belongings heavy? If yes, then there isn’t room for worry because one of the best female friendly lightweight shoes for your trip is about to be mentioned.


Before going further, know that flip-flops are an outstanding example of lightweight shoes as they don’t add any noticeable weight to your belongings.


  • Olukai Ohana Flip Flops

These flip-flops are very popular and great for women. Designed with a non-slip footbed which supports your foot, providing that cushioning effect and comfort, this amazing flip flop also features a durable rubber sole. They feel very supportive and comfortable, and will surely make your trip a stress-free one. However, one downside ofAa this popular flip flop for women is that it has a sporty look, and it also runs a little big.


How Many Travel Shoes Should You Pack For Travel?

This question is very tricky. It is highly advisable to travel light when going on holidays, hence taking only those things you need. This applies to shoes too. If there isn’t plenty of space in your backpack, suitcase, or any other travelling bag, you would be forced to limit the number of shoes to bring along with you for your vacation.


However, what if your holidays cover lots of activities? Your trip might cover hiking, trekking, sightseeing, sea surfing, and many other tourist-related activities. In such cases, what should you do? How many female travel shoes should you bring along?

Certainly, your trip is for vacation, not for selling shoes. Yes, packing all your shoes in a separate backpack for the trip sounds funny. As you consider the number of female shoes to bring with you on your trip, it is important to think of versatility. Yes, think about investing in female travel shoes that can serve several purposes, without compromising on your style and outfit. This will help you limit the number of shoes to bring.


Whichever the case, if you will partake in lots of activities, I highly suggest that you come along with a combination of three or four pairs of shoes, nothing more. These should include cute flats, sandals, hiking boots, and running shoes too.


Notwithstanding, if you have plenty of space in your suitcase or similar check-in luggage to package your shoes and you really want to come with some lovely shoes you really don’t want to leave at home, then you can add some extra pairs of shoes.


Sometimes, even with the best shoes, your feet will get sore and banged up after walking for hours on end. So here are a few things to pack in case your footsie need a little extra TLC.

  • Blister Bandages: It is a great idea to always throw in a few blister bandages into your toiletry kit. These things can be a lifesaver. Check out Amazon for various options.
  • Quality Socks: A nice socks make a world of difference. I prefer wool or wool/synthetic blends. SmartWool Run Ultralight are great for summer and their taller socks are great for cooler weather.
  • Foot Powder: Putting on a little foot powder before you head out each day will drastically reduce sweat and odour. Check Amazon as there are multiple options out there.
  • O’Keeffe’s Foot Cream: Pamper your feet — especially if you wear sandals often. O’Keeffe’s is the best-rated option on Amazon.
  • Keep Nails Trimmed: Long nails can cause a lot of toe pain so pack a pair of nail clippers.
  • Switch Up Shoes: I prefer to have a day-on-day-off wearing schedule with my shoes when I am putting a lot of miles on shoes.




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