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Welcome to 13 Weeks Travel. My name is Bolupe, a mum of 3 and I’m a 30-something woman based in Cambridge, England. I work full time as a teacher and travel with my family during the school holidays which are 13 weeks in total in England.

My Story

I started 13 Weeks Travel during my third maternity leave in 2019. I was searching for clarity in my quest to help people more.

You see, I started travelling in 2007, first exploring five African countries: Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Benin Republic and Togo and when I moved to England in 2008, I continued to travel to Europe but I never documented my travels.

After I qualified as a teacher in 2010, I was keen to switch off completely during the school holidays and this helped me travel more during the13 weeks of school holidays in total.

Travel has played a huge part in my life as a wife, a mum of 3 and a teacher. It has completely changed my perspectives, my experiences and my teaching. 

As a wife, travel has strengthened my relationship with Yomie, it has taught us different things about ourselves and brought out the adventurous side of our lives.

As a mum, it has helped my children to be resillient, confident and well vasted in their general knowledge. 

As a teacher, travel has expanded my knowledge and has helped me not teach out of ignorance. 

How I can help you

The question that goes round in every parent’s head during another school holiday is how do you keep your kids entertained during school holidays?
What if it’s another washout?

Fear not, I’m here to help you travel more with your families during the school holidays.Become your family’s school holiday hero and start planning your next school holiday getaway here.

What you will get from me

The purpose of my site is to inspire you to travel more with your families by

  • booking holidays for you at the best price. 
  • teaching you about all- inclusive package holiday deals and why they are the best for a stress- free family holiday.
  • writing about the best destinations for different school holiday season and activities that families can enjoy together on holiday.

My focus will be on luxury and mid range holidays because you all deserve the best! Family travel within the 6 hour flight mark are the bread and butter of my travel, as well as local UK breaks.

Say hello

You can get in touch with me by email or at various online places listed below. If you’re a tourist board or brand interested in working with me, please visit my work with me page.

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