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Celebrate your special day with friends and family

Gather your family and friends and let us turn your birthday getaway ideas into reality. 13 Weeks Travel curates destination celebrations that fits your exact style at a destination of your choice.

Enjoy non-stop happiness at your birthday celebrations and fill every hour with mind-blowing adventurous group activities like a 2-hour private yacht cruise around Burj Al Arab, Dubai, a hot air balloon ride across the magnificent fairy chimneys, valleys, and caves in Cappadocia, Turkey, a beach volleyball game in Coral Bay Beach, Cyprus, cooking classes in Morocco, Jet-Skiing in Tenerife and many more.

We can adapt to your style of travel, you can decide if you want your destination birthday to be a family holiday, couples-only holiday, girls getaway, gents only getaway, a beach holiday, or a luxury getaway at a private island. You choose, birthday getaways have never been easier when you choose to work with us at 13 Weeks Travel.

Birthday Getaway ideas - Our Service.

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If your birthday getaway ideas are still at an infancy stage, we can develop your ideas and turn them into a reality that you will cherish forever. Here’s what you’ll get when you book with us.

Group Travel Booking Experts

We are experts at booking group travel at great rates. We can negotiate other perks for you at your chosen accommodation. 

Including a personalised birthday cake, wine on arrival, room updates and many more. We can also offer group activities at a discount.

Stress-free birthday party planners

All you have to do is to tell us what you want and we will take care of the rest of the planning process.

We will design your invitation letter and liaise with your guest, and ensure you are well relaxed for your party.

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Birthday Vacation Destination Choice

You have a range of choices for your birthday vacation destination.

Do you want your birthday in Dubai or do you want a cruise? 

With access to over 12,000 luxury resorts around the world, we can make your birthday getaway ideas and dreams come true while sticking to your budget. 

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24 /7 Travel Support during your Birthday Getaway.

We will give you 24/7 travel support to help you with any issues that may arise while on your birthday getaway.

We also advise you on taking comprehensive travel insurance for your birthday getaway and we can help you arrange this.

You will have peace of mind.

Easy Payment Plan

We can organise an easy payment plan that allows your friends to schedule payments at their own pace without putting pressure on them.


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Customised Planning Platform

You will get a private customisable planning platform to coordinate and organise your birthday celebration.


40 Amazing Birthday Getaway Ideas

Here are 40 Amazing Birthday Getaway ideas to pick from. We can create tailor-made birthday getaways for you.

  1. A Luxury Refined Trip to Dubai.
  2. A Luxury Refined Trip to Monaco.
  3. A Hot Air Balloon Trip to Cappadocia, Turkey.
  4. Historic and Cultural Trip to Dalaman, Turkey.
  5. A Turkish Wellness Trip to Antalya, Turkey.
  6. Beach and Wellness Trip to Seychelles.
  7. A Beach and Wellness Trip to Tulum, Mexico.
  8. A Beach and Relaxation trip to Zanzibar.
  9. An Authentic trip to Morocco. 
  10. A Trip to Miami.
  11. A Trip to Las Vegas.
  12. A Historic and Beach Trip to Egypt.
  13. A Disney Cruise with the family.
  14. A Cruise Destination Party to the Caribbean.
  15. A Gondola Ride Trip to Venice.
  16. A Discovery Trip to Rome.
  17. A Romantic Trip to Santorini, Greece.
  18. A Romantic Trip to Amalfi Coast, Italy.
  19. A Spiritual Discovery trip to Israel.
  20. A Calm Trip to Malta.
  21. A Safari to Serengeti, Tanzania.
  22. A Safari Adventure to Kenya.
  23. A Safari Adventure to Cape Town.
  24. A Dead Sea dip at Jordan.
  25. A Sea dip at Cape Verde.
  26. A Transformative Trip to Ghana.
  27. A Weekend Getaway to Limassol, Cyprus.
  28. A UNESCO discovery to Paphos, Cyprus.
  29. A Helicopter Flight over London.
  30. A City Break to Berlin.
  31. A City Break to Paris.
  32. A City Break to Barcelona.
  33. A City Break to Madrid.
  34. A Stranded Island Trip to Mauritius.
  35. An All-White Yacht trip to Croatia.
  36. A Wine Tasting trip to Bordeau, France.
  37. A Water-Sport inspired trip to Tenerife.
  38. A Golf party trip to Algarve.
  39. A Beach Trip to Gran Canaria.
  40. A Beach Trip to Lanzarote.

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