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Imagine the blue skies, the breathtaking views, the diverse scenery, and the turquoise water of the Mediterranean. Welcome to perfect luxury cruises to the Mediterranean. More than ever, the confidence of travellers wishing to go on a cruise has dropped, this was compounded by the industry’s response to the pandemic when it broke out in March. However, there has been a lot of lessons learnt and many cruise lines are working so hard to win your confidence back. For me, the appeal for a luxury cruise to the Mediterranean has never been stronger. If you are looking for the best luxury cruises to the Mediterranean, I have done the hard work for you this post looks at the 15 best luxury cruises to the Mediterranean, how to choose the right luxury cruise for your needs and what is on offer, and why you should consider booking one in the near future.

Best Luxury Cruises to The Mediterranean

How to Choose your best luxury cruises to the Mediterranean

The 6 key things to consider when choosing the best luxury cruise to the Mediterranean are:

  1. The destinations on offer
  2. The Cruise Line or Crusie Company
  3. The Itinerary
  4. The Experiences
  5. Value for Money
  6. Duration.

Why you should consider the destination on offer for your luxury cruise to the Mediterranean

Experiencing a destination on a cruise is totally different from visiting the same destination by road or rail. There is something special about arriving at a destination through its waters. However, you need to check the exact part of the Mediterranean you will be visiting. The vibes of a West Mediterranean Cruise is very different from the vibes of the Eastern Mediterranean cruise. The experiences and cultures will be different and unique in their own ways.

Why you should consider the Cruise line or Cruise Company for your best luxury cruises to the Mediterranean

There are different cruise companies that offer a luxury cruise to the Mediterranean however, you should consider very carefully the cruise company you wish to part your money with. Here are a few things you could check to ensure that the cruise company’s values align with yours.

  • Check their responsible travel policy. What are the cruise company doing to minimise their carbon footprint?
  • Check their category. Are they a huge cruise line that holds between 2,000 to 5,000 passengers or are the cruise lines mid-range with about 900 + passengers
  • Check the age-range of their average travellers. Most cruise lines cater for the more mature audience but that is rapidly changing and there are more cruise lines catering for the younger travellers 35+ years and family-friendly cruise lines.

Why you should consider the itinerary for your luxury cruise to the Mediterranean

Are you an adventurous traveller or are you looking for a laid-back approach to your cruise to the Mediterranean. The itinerary on offer is an important thing to consider before choosing which luxury cruise you wish to have. If you are looking for a well-curated on-shore activity or off-shore escorted excursions, you will need to carefully check the itinerary on offer.

Why you should consider the experiences on offer

The quality of your luxury experiences can make or mar your overall luxury cruise experience to the Mediterranean that is why you should assess the quality of the luxury experiences on offer. Will your experience include a cultural immersion of the destination on offer or will it include wine tasting? These memorable experiences should be top on your list when you consider booking a luxury cruise.

Why you should consider the value for money

The value for money and your budget will play a key part in your destination for a luxury cruise to the Mediterranean. There are many factors that will help you determine if you are getting value for money for your cruise to the Mediterranean.

A few things to consider are:

  • The smaller the cruise ship, the higher you will pay.
  • The timing of your holiday: if you book during the school holidays, expect the cost to be slightly more.
  • The Cabins you choose
  • The culinary experience on offer
  • The on-board entertainment

Understanding these points will help you determine if you are getting value for money.

Why you should consider the duration of your luxury cruise to the Mediterranean

The duration of your cruise to the Mediterranean is worth considering as well. There are different durations on offer, you can find a 7-nights cruise to the Mediterranean and you can find a 16-night cruise to the Mediterranean as well. CHoosing the best duration that works for you will ensure you have a great time.


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