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Custom Itineraries 13 Weeks TravelWelcome to 13 Weeks Travel, where you stay different and experience luxury with our expertly crafted custom itineraries. Whether you’re looking to explore ancient ruins, relax on pristine beaches, or embark on an adventure of a lifetime, we tailor every detail to your preferences and interests. Your custom itineraries will include daily activities, options for the best accommodation that suits your budget, and pre-booked airport transport. You’ll get a printable document and custom Google Map that you can easily navigate from point A to point B on your phone. Most importantly, I’ll research restaurants so you won’t eat a bad meal.

Why Choose Our Custom Itinerary Service?

Personalised Experience:

We are particular about your travels and ensure your trip reflects your unique tastes and desires. From exclusivity to premium, we can design a custom travel itinerary that would ensure you get the most out of your holiday.


Our custom travel itinerary encourages you to travel at your own pace and on your schedule. Depending on the vibe you wish to achieve in your holiday, from luxury and relaxed vibes to adventurous and cultural vibes, we are on hand to help you achieve that.

Expert Guidance:

Our experienced travel planners have extensive knowledge of destinations worldwide. The team has personally experienced over 60 countries. That means that we have in-depth and up-to-date knowledge about the countries you might wish to explore.

Hassle-Free Planning:

We handle all the logistics, so you can focus on enjoying your trip. We plan:

Destination events: We have curated over 47 events around 5 continents, and we can customise your event itinerary.

Group tips: We create the best custom itineraries for your group travel. If you are looking to explore a country as a group, book your call with us and we will be able to customised the itinerary for your group trip. We also collaborate with travel influencers to design the best custom travel itineraries for their trip.

 How We Create Your Custom Itinerary

 Step 1: Initial Consultation

Your journey begins with a consultation where we get to know you. We discuss your travel goals, preferences, budget, and any specific experiences you’re looking for. This can be done via phone, video call, or through our online questionnaire. Our initial consultations are free and can be booked here.

Step 2: Detailed Planning

Based on the initial consultation, our travel experts start crafting a detailed itinerary. This includes:

Destination Research: We dive deep into the destinations you’re interested in, uncovering hidden gems and must-see sights.
Accommodation Selection: We handpick accommodations that match your style, whether it’s a luxurious resort, a charming boutique hotel, or a cosy guesthouse.
Activity Planning: From guided tours and local experiences to leisure activities and dining reservations, we curate activities that align with your interests.
Transportation Arrangements: We organize all ground transportation, ensuring seamless travel from start to finish.

Step 3: Review and Refine

We present the initial itinerary for your review. This is a collaborative process where we welcome your feedback and make adjustments as needed. Our goal is to ensure every detail meets your expectations.

Step 4: Finalise and Book

Once the itinerary is perfected, we handle all bookings and confirmations. You receive a comprehensive travel package with all the information you need, including maps, contact details, and any necessary tickets or vouchers.

Step 5: Support During Your Trip

Your experience doesn’t end with the planning. We provide 24/7 support throughout your trip to address any questions or issues that may arise, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey.

Questions About Our Custom Itineraries and Travel Planning Services

Custom Itineraries 13 Weeks Travel

What Experience Does 13 Weeks Travel Have?

With over a decade of experience as a travel agency, we specialise in destinations such as Greece, Morrocco, France, Costa Rica, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, and UAE. Our team members have extensive experience in the travel and hospitality industries and specialise in these destinations. This means you can benefit from our years of experience and insider knowledge, ensuring that we have vetted our partners so you can enjoy a seamless and memorable trip.

What Makes 13 Weeks Travel Different?

Unlike many travel agents who are not specialists in organising group trips and celebrations abroad, we specialise in group trips and destination events, our services are highly customised. We have spent years curating and conducting on-the-ground research and fostering connections with local experts and quality tour operators. We focus on female-led operators, empower women in local destinations advocate slow and sustainable travel, and support other local small businesses as much as possible.

Where Does 13 Weeks Travel Provide Custom Itinerary Services?

We have curated over 47 destination events and group trips in these destinations: Aruba, Algrave, Antalya, Albania, Barbados, Belize, Cartagena, Cairo, Cancun, Costa Rica, Crete, Croatia, Dubai, Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, Santorini, Seychelles, Punta Cana, Malta, Marrakech, Monaco, Montenegro, Qatar and Grenada.

Our services range from planning corporate retreats and destination weddings to milestone birthdays to honeymoons, family trips, bachelorette parties, group trips and friends’ trip planning. Whether you need help with every detail or just specific aspects like activities and restaurants, we’ve got you covered.

When Do You Charge a Fee?

For our free consultation, we do not charge a fee.  However, we charge a fee based on the level of assistance you need, there may be a nominal fee. Our most popular service tier, “Full Service,” requires significant attention, so we charge for our team’s time and expertise. Each service begins with a 30-minute $50 discovery call, after which we provide custom quotes based on the scope of services.

Are You Travel Agents to Tour Operators?

We are licensed tour operators and we have an online travel agency. Our ATOL license enables us to provide these services and while traditional travel agents may only book hotels, we provide full-service itinerary planning. We go by any of these names and help with everything from hotel bookings to creating detailed travel plans for your group trips or celebrations.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Travel Advisor?

Wondering if it’s worth getting a vacation planner? The answer is yes! Our expert travel advisors have the knowledge and connections to find the best hotels, resorts, and tour guides for you. They can enhance your trip with unique, tailored experiences and are there to resolve any issues that may arise during your travels.

What Is the “Just Hotel Bookings” Service?

This service provides expert assistance with hotel bookings, giving you access to perks and expertise that you wouldn’t otherwise get. We can provide basic bookings anywhere worldwide, but our speciality lies in bespoke travel planning for destinations where we have extensive knowledge.

What Are the Full-Service Custom Travel Itinerary Services?

Most clients opt for full-service custom itinerary planning, which includes a dedicated trip planner, multiple calls, a custom app, a detailed hourly itinerary, advice, and help booking activities, lodging, and restaurants.

How Does Custom Travel Itinerary Planning Work?

All of our bespoke travel services start with a 30-minute $50 discovery call. During this call, we get to know you and your travel preferences and recommend the best service level for your needs. We then provide a custom quote and proposed services. With “Fast-Tracked Services” and the “Full-Service Itinerary” planning, you receive the full experience of our travel planner service, including a dedicated travel planner, custom Google docs or PDFs, and a personalized app.

Can I Do a Rush Order?

We prefer at least 90 days for the best custom itineraries. However, we can accommodate rush orders for an additional fee.

How Do I Get the Most Out of Your Services?

Being responsive and prepared will help us create the best travel plan for you. While we do most of the work, your prompt responses will ensure a smooth planning process.

Get Started

Ready to start planning your dream vacation? Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation. Let’s create a travel experience that’s uniquely yours.

Examples of Custom Itineraries

Adventure in Patagonia

– Day 1: Arrival in Punta Arenas
– Day 2-3:Explore Torres del Paine National Park
– Day 4:Boat tour of Grey Glacier
– Day 5:Trekking in Los Glaciares National Park

Cultural Immersion in Japan

– Day 1: Arrival in Tokyo
– Day 2-3:Explore Tokyo’s historic and modern sites
– Day 4:Travel to Kyoto and visit ancient temples
– Day 5:Experience a traditional tea ceremony

Relaxation in the Maldives

– Day 1: Arrival in Malé and transfer to your resort
– Day 2-4:Enjoy beach activities and spa treatments
– Day 5: Snorkeling and island hopping tour

Family Fun in Orlando

– Day 1:Arrival in Orlando
– Day 2-3:Visit Walt Disney World
– Day 4: Explore Universal Studios
– Day 5: Relax at a water park