Cambridge is the best kept secret destination.

Cambridge is the best kept secret location to reside in. If you’re looking to escape the hustling and bustling of London then, Cambridge might be the city for you. On the train, it’s only 45 minutes away from London and one and half hours to Central London on through M11 motorway. It is a beautiful city and I’m proud I call it home.

We visited Cambridge for the first time about eight years ago, we were looking at the possibility of settling outside London with my growing family.

I was fascinated by five key features the first time I visited.

1. Its greenery parks – Jesus Green was full of picnic seekers on the day I visited.

2. The river – River Cam was full of punts.

3. Bicycles – Cycling is a core part of Cambridge culture and it felt safe to cycle around with dedicated cycle lanes all around the city.

4. Park and Ride parks signs – I didn’t understand what Park and Ride meant. They are dedicated car parks where you can take the buses into the city.

5. Historic buildings – as we drove around, I saw beautiful historic buildings and I was eager to find out their names and history.

It took us another four years to finally settle here and I’m still discovering Cambridge.

Why you should move to Cambridge:


Punting in Cambridge

Punting is a lovely activity you can do all year round although it’s more popular in the Spring and Summer. It simply means exploring Cambridge City in a traditional boat/punt, Kayak or a canoe. My favourite is the Scudamores.


There are tons of museums in Cambridge to educate families of all ages. It doesn’t matter if you like hands – on experience or wanderlust experience. Cambridge has a museum for you.

The museums include:

  1. The Fitzwilliam Museum – Entry to this museum is free and it holds a significant amount of paintings, arts and historic artefacts that can be compared to what you might see at the British Museum London.
  2. The Polar Museum – This museum holds a fantastic collection of Antarctica and Arctic artefact as well as active research collections into polar regions.
  3. Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology – This museum (also free) offers both local and international artefacts made by people including the Mayan Civilisation artefacts.
  4. Sedgwick Museum – This museum (also free) will take you on a journey of life through time and it will guide you to understand the evolution of life on earth, water and air. Its Dinosaur structures are worth seeing.
  5. Museum of Zoology – This museum displays specimens that spans the entire animal kingdom. It is such an interesting museum.
  6. Whipple Museum – This museum is all about scientific instruments, apparatus, models and the history of science. If you’re interested in science, this is the place for you.
  7. Kettle’s Yard – This gallery holds the most beautiful collection of modern and contemporary art. It is comparable to Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.
  8. Imperial War Museum, Duxford – This museum is dedicated solely for all things flying. You will discover the history of Duxford, Famous aeroplanes such as Concorde, Lancaster and Spitfire. You can explore how they are made and where they have been.
  9. Cambridge Science Centre – This centre offers a place for hands on adventures in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) for budding STEM adventurers.


Cambridge has thirty- one colleges that make up the University of Cambridge. Each college is unique in its customs and rites. My favourite is King’s College.


Cambridge is home to some beautiful architectural designed churches.

My favourites are:

  1. Our Lady and The English Martyrs Church: This church was designed in the Gothic revival style and was completed in 1890.
  2. Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Cambridge: Popularly known as The Round Church, is one of the most photographed churches in Cambridge. It was designed in Gothic revival and Norman architectural styles and was completed in 1842.
  3. Church of St Mary the Great, Cambridge: Popularly known as GSM, is designed in the Late Perpendicular Gothic style and it was completed in 1519.
  4. King’s College Chapel – this is a beauty to behold with a design in the perpendicular Gothic style. It was completed in 1515. It has the world’s largest fan vault and you would often find The King’s College’s picture on postcards from Cambridge.
  5. St Bene’t’s Church – This church is the oldest building and church in Cambridge. It is believed that the church was built during the Anglo-Saxon era with the date AD 1000 – 1050 has the time it was built.


Cambridge is home to some of the best schools in the country. Its education is world- class at the University stage, secondary and primary stages. There are an abundance of choice regarding your taste in either independent/private education or state education.

Independent schools in Cambridge are affordable when compared with similar in London.

Cambridge is a beautiful place to live in and nurture children to adulthood. You can get the best of lifestyle here.

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