13 Weeks Travel Tips

Focuses on

  • Trip Planning

13 Weeks Travel provides detailed travel itineraries and checklists to ensure you are prepared for your trip. I also provide personalised trip planning services.

  • Money

Get the best advice on travel money and travel cards. Follow my tipping etiquettes, how to claim your VAT refunds, which countries use cash or card and how to avoid unnecessary fees.  

  • PHones

You will be surprised to find that connectivity in some parts of Africa, Europe and the Middle East can be expensive. Follow our guide on how best to stay connected there.

  • Scams

We don’t ever think of the negatives when travelling right? Improve your chances of not getting scammed by your tour guide, your rental car vendors, touts and thieves.

  • Health

What happens if you fall ill abroad? What if your child is involved in an accident? This section covers all things medical care, women’s health, travelling while pregnant and conquering jetlag. 

  • Hygiene

Your hygiene expectations might be cut short when you’re travelling through some parts of Africa, Europe and Middle East. This section covers what to expect in these continents.

13 Weeks Travel Tips

Providing all the information you need for a successful family travel.