How to maximise your 1st experience at a Luxury hotel.

The first jaw-dropping impression you get when staying at a luxury hotel matters. Follow my guide to maximise your experience.
How to maximise your 1st experience at a Luxury hotel.
Picture taken at Burj Al Arab by @13weekstravel

You have always been a budget hotel person. You have fancied the idea of a luxury hotel but you’re not sure how to maximise your experience. Well, the first impression you receive when you arrive at a luxurious hotel either leaves a sweet or sour taste in your mouth.

Here is the ultimate guide to maximise your experience.

  1. Did they welcome you with the correct pronunciation of your name? – You will understand how frustrating this is if you have a ten-letter last name like I do. I mean, with a quick google translate service, a luxury hotel should go that extra mile for you.
  2. Did they welcome you with a drink? It might have taken a certain amount of time to travel and arrive at your hotel. You really don’t want to start the lengthy checking in without a drink first. If you’re not offered one, ask for one.
  3. Did the space, colour, texture represent anything close to the culture, history or art of the location or country you’re visiting? Nothing is more off putting than mismatch design and interior decor. Many people have genuine interest in design and this truly matters to them. Would you be put off if the hotel had artificial flowers rather than a vase of fresh flowers?
  4. Are loyalty programs available? With my Hilton Hotel loyalty card, I earn base points when I stay at any of their hotels. This base points can then be used to pay for future stay.
  5. How accommodating are they to your request? Are you celebrating an occasion whilst on holiday? Could it be that it’s your birthday, anniversary or something? Let the hotel know and watch out for their reaction. All the hotels I have stayed at have actually gone the extra mile to accommodate my celebration requests.

When you have a jaw-dropping first impression, you will be eager to revisit and return to them over and over again.


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I'm Bolupe, a luxury family travel expert, a mum of 3, an independent travel agent and a travelpreneur. I travel for 13 Weeks a year and work full-time as an educator.
I help families thrive and lead a purposeful, luxurious life.
Fun fact: When I was 16 years old, I wanted to be a top model and the next face of Africa but I'm 5ft 7 and I was required to be 5ft 10.

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  1. As a designer, point 3 is really important to me. I love to see the local culture represented in a hotel, rather than a generic design. One of my favourite hotels of all time was in Laos (not luxury but very nice). Each room was decorated with traditional textiles representing different ethnic minorities from the region.

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