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Welcome to my blog – 13 Weeks Travel.

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About me:

I am a mum of 3 children. An aspiring Luxury Travel Blogger and lifestyle blogger.  I am based in the beautiful university city of Cambridge, UK.

There are only 13 weeks of school holidays in the UK and like other
families, these school holidays provide a special time for families to bond
through travelling, discovering and gaining new perspectives from different cities and countries around the world.

Why work with me?

A high number of elite parents take advantages of the school breaks to escape from the norm and give their child the best stress – free experience. My readers trust me with accurate recount of my experience and they will follow up on my recommendations. My blog serves a niche area of family travellers within the thirty plus bracket who are looking for luxury adventure and top class hotels, resorts and experiences.
Encouraging people to travel in the 13 weeks of school holidays is very
rewarding. I can help promote countries, travel experiences, resorts and hotels and become a trusted and reliable resource for my followers


Bloggers are playing an increasingly important role in offering travel
advice to their readers, encouraging them to explore the world and make the most of their valuable holiday time.

Top luxury travel bloggers probably have more experience of the luxury
travel market than just about anyone else! We visit luxury resorts all the time and I get to stay in terrific places all over the world.

Luxury Travel Experience:

Over the last decade, I have travelled to more than 52 cities in 12

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you want some advice about where to
go, when to go and what to do.





If you are interested in working with me. Don’t hesitate to contact me.