Travel Consultations

13 Weeks Travel specialises in coordinating and booking travel arrangements for individuals, groups amd businesses. We offer more specialised service and represent you every step of the way.
Our key service includes:
Researching travel options
Providing extra advice
Help booking trips
Collection of payments

Travel Consultations Rates

Initial Consultation
£ 0 15 minutes
  • *Talk to me about your travel needs
2nd Consultation
£ 25 per hour
  • *I'll present the options for you.
Evening Consultations
£ 30 per hour
  • *Speak to me at your convenience
Weekend Consultations
£ 100 per session
  • *Book either morning session - 9 am - 12 noon
    Evening Session - 4 pm - 7 pm

Free Consultations

Not sure if we are a good match for you or which travel style we offer? Free 15 minutes consultaions are available and may be taken once. For more information get in touch

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